Signages are a popular communication medium among companies due to their ease of usage, versatility and cost effectiveness. With the right signages, businesses can reach out to new relevant audiences and drive foot traffic to their brand. In essence, it doubles up as an extra sales person who provides potential customers with information in a non-invasive manner.

However, as you probably have experienced all your life, signages do not always work. For example, think of the last time you visited an exhibition or walked through a pop up events. What stores did you stop to shop at and which ones did you simply by-pass? Signages play a huge role in determining consumers’ purchase decision, acting as the first touchpoint in their journey. How then can businesses design banners that attract attention in a tasteful manner? Rather than slapping on the brightest and most outrageous colours or designs, companies will be more successful with their signages if they adopt the following tips:

Firstly, keep your message simple, concise and straight to the point. Overloading audiences with all of your products and services could result in a highly cluttered banner that is not only unattractive but also frustrating for people to read. If audiences are unable to find a piece of information that speaks to them or that they can relate to, they are likely to stop reading altogether, skipping ahead to other stores.

Secondly, always lead with the punch. A simple technique that has its roots in journalism, your title should have an impact on the reader, making them stop in their tracks. Any other pieces of information can come later, preferably in smaller font sizes. Finally, a call to action can be implemented at the end to inform readers or the preferred actions to take.

Thirdly, colour theory as always is crucial in any piece of advertising. Your banner should utilise bold colours while giving its text sufficient contrast to help them stand out. Colours such as red inspire action and instil urgency while blue conveys professionalism and calm. Knowledge of the applied psychology behind colours will help to inform you of your design choices.

Lastly, select visuals, photos, graphics and illustrations that are relatable to your target audience. For example, if you are advertising to a Asian audience, you should select cultural icons and places that they are familiar with. Relatability of content has been scientifically proven to matter when attracting attention from people. Additionally, these visuals should be presented in a manner that is understandable so as not to agitate any readers.

Keen to create and print signages with a signboard maker Singapore company? Check with them on what they recommend for the above mentioned points as well as any other tips they have for your business. Bear in mind that putting more thought into the process could yield great visual communications for your brand.

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