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It’s tough to make ends meet with just one source of income. Luckily, you don’t have to be a genius at business or finance to earn extra cash on the side, because there are dozens of simple businesses you can start. Here are five easy ways to make extra money on the side; of course, if none of them work out, you can always call a business bankruptcy lawyer Columbia MD.

Dog Walking 

Lots of working people are forced to crate their dogs during the day. While it’s true that dogs view their kennels as a safe place, they also get bored and lonely, just like anyone would. Because they love their animals, many owners are willing to pay a kind-hearted person to walk them during the day. Being willing to pet cats or feed exotic animals such as lizards and snakes might increase your business prospects.


If you like children, why not get paid to hang out with them? Child care services are always in demand. Some people have made money with the niche market of teachers, because serving this clientele has the added benefit of weekends and summers off. You could also choose to just work nights and weekends, allowing couples to go on dates without their kids.

Golf Ball Diving

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the golf balls people hit into lakes? The answer is that golf ball divers fish them out. You can set a flat rate or charge golf courses by the ball. One added benefit of this job is that you may be able to deduct scuba gear from your taxes as work-related equipment.

Selling Plants

If you have a green thumb, you can easily pot some plants from around your house and sell them in your front yard. Another good source of free plants is land slated for development. Check with your local native plant society for organized plant rescues.

Reselling Online

Buying low and selling high is the secret to earning money on online sales platforms. If you enjoy browsing thrift stores and estate sales in your free time, start doing so with an eye to resell items at a profit. Places to sell include Facebook, Craig’s List, and eBay.

Many people find that a second job is a way to gain enough financial security to pay bills and save for the future. One of the five ideas listed above may change your life forever.

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