The Farm at Timberlake is a new model of sustainable living, it’s an intentional community of new American families who want to live a self-sustaining lifestyle, with a focus on growing their own food and creating wholesome, natural products.

The Farm at Timberlake is located in the historic town of Woodstock, North Carolina, and is designed with sustainability in mind it has been designed to take full advantage of the surrounding environment and build a community that can continue to grow, produce, and self-sustain for many generations to come.


What You’ll Spend on The Farm at Timberlake

The average annual cost of owning a home in the Farm at Timberlake community is $240,000, this is a one-time cost that covers the cost of the home including mortgage, closing costs and property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, and operating expenses.

Once you have purchased a home at the farm at timberlake homes for sale you will pay an annual maintenance fee of $2,500, in addition to this maintenance-free, you will be expected to contribute an annual operating fee of $8,000.

This operating fee is a percentage of the operating income from the homes that are in your community and is used to fund irrigation and maintenance upgrades to the shared infrastructure, as well as to cover the cost of managing the community.


The Amenities of The Farm at Timberlake

The Farm at Timberlake has an array of amenities that include a yoga studio, organic vegetable farm, woodworking shop, welding/metal shop, guest cottage, organic orchard, vineyard, guest cottages, amphitheater, farmers’ market, yoga trails, and more.

The Farm at Timberlake has over 40 acres of land that are used for the cultivation of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as the production of honey, apples, and grapes, residents are also able to take advantage of the Farmers’ Market held every Saturday during the growing season.


Self-Sufficient Living at The Farm at Timberlake

The Farm at Timberlake is committed to providing a self-sufficient living for its residents wherein the Farm is designed as a community that can produce most of its own food, create its own energy, and creates jobs.

The community has a diverse ecosystem that is designed to be self-sufficient and generate its own power, water, and heat.

It is also designed to be resilient and to have the infrastructure that is equipped to withstand natural disasters and other unexpected events plus the Farm is designed to take advantage of all local weather patterns, and the homes are designed to be able to produce their own electricity and water.


Summer Programs at The Farm at Timberlake

The Farm at Timberlake hosts a variety of educational programs throughout the summer months, resident kids can attend the Summer School Program, which is designed to help kids develop their academics and social skills.

There are also enrichment programs for kids ages 7-14 who want to learn new skills, save the environment and make friends. The Farm at Timberlake also hosts a variety of family programs throughout the summer months, including a variety of summer art camps, farm-to-table cooking classes, and more.

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