Kajabi vs Thinkific (Nov 2022) - Which Platform Comes Out on Top?

You’re looking for a good Kajabi review. This one is jam-packed with all the platform information you need. Each feature has been broken down in the list below. The most thorough examination of what makes Kajabi unique is provided by reading this review. Let’s get going!

Introduction to Kajabi.

What is kajabi? Kajabi is a platform for online education. It provides several built-in tools to aid course developers in creating, promoting, and selling their courses. The capacity to design courses, construct websites, run email campaigns, conduct online sales, and use CRMs are just a few examples of tools.

Review of Kajabi: The Background of Kajabi

Creating a profitable online firm from scratch is not an easy feat. You will require a fantastic idea in addition to a wide range of technology to get things rolling. And the team at Kajabi wants to help you discover a solution to your problem.

If you’re like the majority of contemporary business owners, you have a fantastic idea for a product or service, but you may not have the coding or design skills necessary to build your own website, mobile application, or landing page. In addition, you may not have the means, much alone the time, to spend in locating the individuals you need to develop your firm. This might be a significant obstacle for you.

And this platform excels in that area. The concept behind Kajabi is straightforward. It’s an all-in-one platform designed to house everything you need to start your internet company. And this is a significant victory for the underdog. Your wait is over if you’ve been putting off your idea because it would be too expensive to construct a website, connect a payment gateway, purchase CRM or email marketing software.

How to Apply Kajabi is marketed as a tool for internet companies and has two different applications. This is everything you’ll need if you’re a company owner that requires a single internet platform to host your website and landing pages, have your website linked to a CRM, use email marketing, and have access to analytics.

Kajabi may also assist you in producing a top-notch online course if you’re a course designer. Its features are adaptable enough and, in a manner, perfect for developing, promoting, and selling online courses.

Kajabi Assistant. 

After the welcome message, new users are sent to Kajabi’s “Learn the fundamentals” page to streamline the procedure. And if you’ve ever wondered how to begin creating a course, this website has all the answers.

It has a four-step structure that demonstrates how to carry out activities. The information in each section is between seven and twelve minutes long, making them short and simple to understand. You will discover:

  • Develop a product
  • Packaging your goods
  • and sell things
  • Establish your website.

You may access instructional materials by scrolling down below the walkthroughs. Free live and pre-recorded instruction on how to:

  • Create and implement marketing automation
  • Create, package, and set the cost of your items.
  • Use webinars, email, and blogging to expand
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