I am Andrew Dwight, and I have experienced a lot throughout my career. I have always wished to do something to make people independent financially. After I have completed my Masters in Business Administration from Warwick Business School, I started planning to achieve my aim. I always wanted to work in the financial section to liberalize the finance system and develop a simple system to make people access the opportunity to multiply their assets.

My journey to this era of digital currencies was not that simple, and I have worked in a lot of space and earned more experience in the financial industry. I have worked as a senior analyst and adviser in the topmost banks and different financial institutions in the Eurozone, sometimes before. My only aim is to make people live better using technologies and other latest means and hold on to their digital assets for better profit.

I am passionate, intense, and focused on using digital technology to bring financial revolution as an entrepreneur. Money can be a powerful tool to make you independent and live life in your way is what I believe the most. I have been working as a serial entrepreneur for years now and have adopted Blockchain Technology to better manage cryptocurrencies. I have suggested others use the technology for using the secure non-custodial wallet.

Using my experience as a financial adviser, I have gathered that Cryptocurrencies and Forex are one of the most powerful means to drive financial growth for people. I accept this; I also acknowledge and support this to use them in the financial revolution that I am looking for. I have also been co-owners of some different groups of companies working on digital transformation in more than 29 countries worldwide. All these companies were looking to attain sustainable growth in financial literacy for individuals and institutions.

Before focussing on cryptocurrency and its regularization, I used to be part of some leadership groups. I used to contribute my skills and insights to many of the investor companies working in the industry. Being a co-owner of that initiative, I felt I could contribute to the financial growth of these organizations.

Though I have already been awarded and acknowledged by many prestigious institutions and business schools, and I have received many scholarships, I am still working to make people learn how to handle their money in a digital bank. I am still hopeful to reach more and more people to make them earn more with their cryptocurrencies.

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