With time, the number of people and organizations that use crypto currency powered by the blockchain technology has gone up and it is expected to continue to grow. It is imperative, however, that you learn the right way of working with crypto currency, regardless of your profession or purpose of using Bitcoin. 

In addition to choosing a suitable crypto exchange and currency, you need to have the right crypto wallet. It is recommended to select and use a personal wallet to store your crypto currency. 

Top Bitcoin Wallets To Choose From

There are multiple crypto wallets offered on the market today. The wallet types include paper, hardware, and software. Not all of these wallets offer the same functionality and level of convenience. The price tag also varies a lot.

Listed below are some of the popular and widely used crypto wallets you can choose from. The list was prepared by PaySpace Magazine, where you can find latest cryptocurrency market news and insights, as well as bitcoin news.


Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and store crypto currencies, and it also offers a wallet service. With this service you can transfer money to a bank account within the United States. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. It offers stringent security and updates.


This software wallet is quite popular. The way it works is that Bitcoin is stored on a device/PC in encrypted data set. It supports a variety of platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, Android, Linux, and Python. It also works with some of the top hardware wallets. This wallet words well for those who want to deal with Bitcoin using their own PCs and devices. The data can be at risk if the computer crashes, however a recovery process exists even for such cases.


In hardware wallet segment, Trezor is the name to reckon with, and it offers feature-rich hardware crypto wallets. This is a device that lets you connect to a PC or a smartphone, and manage your crypto account online. It supports a number of currencies and also serves as a robust password manager. The safety features of Trezor, including 2-step authentication and password recovery, have made it really popular among the users. 


Robinhood began its journey as a stock trading platform and later it expanded to include support for cryptocurrencies. It is both an exchange and a wallet, like Coinbase. It is mobile-based, but you can also use a desktop edition. It is free to use and that is what attracts many of the users to the platform.


Exodus is an intuitive software wallet. The security features offered are pretty good. The desktop wallet integrates with Trezor. You can store coins and exchange them using the wallet as well. You do not even need to set up an account. 


If you are looking for a mobile-based Bitcoin wallet, this is an ideal option. This wallet supports iOS and Android OS, although the UI is not exactly ideal for beginners. While you do not get any desktop interface, Mycelium offers bank-grade security for the mobile app. This wallet is good if you want to keep your crypto transactions anonymous.

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