Best Products to Tame Frizzy and Dry Hair - Schimiggy ReviewsHaving thin or fine hair can be frustrating when you want to add volume and fullness. The good news is there are many tips and tricks to make the hair appear thicker and get that volume boost you desire. With the right cut, styling products, and techniques, your locks will look lush and full. 

Go short

If your fort lauderdale hair salon extremely fine or thin, consider going shorter for a full look. Chin or shoulder length cuts remove a lot of the weight dragging hair down and showcase volume through the ends. Short hair, especially with bangs, can look quite thick. Going with a pixie, bob, or lob haircut is a great option for fine-haired ladies. Look for products specifically for adding fullness and volume from roots to ends. Using mousse or foam at the roots provides a boot of body that lasts. Volumizing sprays thicken each strand for all-over thickness. Texturizing powders soak up oil and create a grip for extra volume at the crown. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner regimen to start boosting the scalp.

Add texture

Create texture by scrunching hair when wet and allowing it to air dry for maximum volume. Use a sea salt spray for beachy, tousled texture with tons of lift at the roots and ends. Try curling with a curling wand, finger curling, or braiding for waves and texture. Tease sections of the hair gently with a comb or fingers for added volume.

Try volatizing rollers

Velcro or soft sponge rollers are fantastic for pumping up the volume, especially at the crown and sides. Blow dry hair with large rollers for extra lift and fullness. Roll just the top and crown sections for volume through the ends without the bump of teasing. Allow hair to cool completely before removing rollers.

Backcomb and tease

Gentle backcombing at the crown and sides is an old-school trick that still works wonders. Use a tail comb or teasing brush to lightly backcomb dry hair in layers for height and volume at the root. Finish by smoothing over with a brush for a soft, full look. 

Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a volume booster’s best friend. Spraying at the roots absorbs oil and creates texture and body. For fine hair, focus dry shampoo at the crown and upper sides where volume is needed most. Let it sit for a few minutes before brushing through for maximum effects. Oily hair equals flat hair, so dry shampoo helps tremendously.

Boost at the roots

Volumizing powders or mousses applied just at the roots boost the volume where you need it most. Focus your volumizing and thickening products at the crown to create lift. If hair falls flat during the day, touch it up with an instant volumizing spray or dry shampoo just at the roots to revive fullness. If all else fails, hair accessories an illusion of volume and fullness extensions and clip-in bangs blend seamlessly with fine hair and create thickness. Try volumizing hair clips underneath layers for a secret lift. Hats and headbands distract from thin hair and make it appear thicker.

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