Why Standard Pet grooming products:

A good grooming of a pet is not just about making it look pretty, but it is something about maintaining your pet health and appearance. When it comes to grooming, majority of pet lovers try to find out the best product which can help them to keep their pet clean and healthy. A gentle care with a Pet Grooming Gloves shall be perfect to keep your pet away from dirt & infection. 

The features & description: 

  • Proper Cleaning: Gone are the days of just cleaning with sponge. Pick up the pet grooming gloves on and simply scrub & clean your pet.
  • Scrubbing features: Prepared with hundreds of scrubbing spikes which effectively take away dust and dirt in effective way.
  • Multipurpose usage: Not only it work well to scrub and clean dirt. It can also be used to clean away carpets, floors, pet hairs, and just about anything else!
  • Comfortable & Durable: these gloves are comfortable and can be used for longer period as they are coated with anti- microbial properties to resist bacteria build up.

The other category of product in our pet care and grooming is Portable pet vacuum groomer. The Description of the Product which makes it distinct from the other market products is:

  • Portable and electric pet vacuum groomer. 
  • Metal body with soft rubber head, non-toxic and scentless. 
  • Power- electric + battery operated both. 
  • Speedy removal, easy and quite operation.
  • Appropriate for dogs, cats and other pets with hair. 

It works in a very safe and effective way in grooming the pet gently, removing loose furry pet hair easily without hurting them. It also serve the purpose of Gentle pet massage tool giving your pets a relaxing massage while grooming their hair without irritating their skin. Low price and easy maintenance make it even more economical.


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