Choosing a cleaning company is one of trickiest decisions. When you are doing it for office building, things get trickier than ever. There’s a lot more to commercial cleaning than what meets the eye. Here we have unraveled few aspects of commercial cleaning services. We back up these points with our years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning.

Less is expensive

Choosing a commercial cleaning service is always tricky. The ones charging lot less may not help. When cleaning is not up to the notch, less is expensive. Good cleaning companies charge more than their competitors, since their standards are much higher. They can satisfy even the hard to please, clients. It’s better to be quality focused than quantity focus. Cleaning directly impacts the image, ambience and mood. The occupants can feel the difference straight away. Getting your office clean and neat is the first step to motivating your employees and attracting clients.

Quotes over the phone

Authentic cleaning companies never give quotes over the phone. There are no standard calculations based on square meters or any other measure. Before seeing the property and having a meeting, a real cleaner won’t be able to decide on charges. Choose a convenient time and book your appointment. During the visit, have a chat with cleaning Service Company about price and other details. Getting friendly and bagging better deals is a real prospects. Do not overlook the upsells, for it can be cost savings for you. Make sure to communicate your issues with previous cleaning service.

Ease of communication

Observe the behavior of their representatives. They should be able to communicate in simpler terms. Going with Greek and Latin never works. Technical jargons are signs of a disastrous project. The representatives must be able to explain you how cleaning works. Then, they must start with how they do it differently. They must convince you that their cleaning is more effective. Ask them to come up with references and testimonies. Enquire about terms of injury settlements, licenses, guarantees, and insurances and so on. Be very specific about how many hours they need to work on your building.

Janitorial services vs. commercial cleaning

Though janitorial service and commercial cleaning are used interchangeably, they describe different things. Janitorial services are day to day cleaning activity, that doesn’t do the heavy lifting. Commercial cleaning services in Singapore is a whole different ball game. It tends to be costlier, since it covers the toughest and complex stuff. You can read about the differences in our other post.

Still looking…?

Are you looking for an effective, long term cleaning solution? You are the perfect place. We are leading office cleaning service, delivering our hours for over a decade now.  Clean room precision cleaning is the USP of our business. Our services include office, facilities and janitorial cleaning. Post construction cleaning and polymer flooring cleaning are some of the services, you don’t find often. We specialize in all such things besides hitting the mainstream. You can enjoy first class washroom maintenance, carpet vacuuming, dust control, floor polishing and more building maintenance services.

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