Traditionally most of the companies tend to print their business-cards through a press which cost them hefty amount of money. Moreover, they also have to deal with the issue regarding card updating on quarterly or annual basis, thus they again have to invest a portion of working capital. Contrary to this, at present you can print business cards online with the help of Rapid application. This will save much of your time which you can utilize in other marketing activities.

What are the exact features of this application?

Either you are Android user or prefer to use iPhone you can easily download rapid cards application on your mobile phones. The application has user friendly and intuitive layout, thus you do not even require thorough training to use the application for generation of business cards which are eco friendly. 

No matter what type of event you are planning in your company, it gets very easy to design proper networking cards to influence more and more prospective partners and stakeholders. Your organization will also help you to organize contacts in your mobile and can even make personal notes about them.

How this application will provide you aid in saving money?

Online card generation process is innovative and also provides you an opportunity in making a network with various prospective business partners over several social media platforms. Moreover this software is absolutely free thus you do not have to care for maintaining budget for generation of cards for your business.

Steps which you need to undertake 

This online connection making and card generating software requires you to first log in with LinkedIn profile. Then you are required to upload profile picture. When you want to make a new connection the software will give you an opportunity to share QR code with a person with whom you want to contact. They will scan your QR code and information regarding your company will get uploaded in their contacts.

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