The first single-edged knife was made by Bronze 4000 years ago? Yes, knives have come a long way with massive changes over the years from the blade materials and a knife handle.

As a knife enthusiast, having several folding knives is critical because one is never enough. While you may think you only need to look for blade quality, the handle material is equally important. How do you check the quality of your knife’s handle?

There are plenty of knife handles in the market, but none can be as close to natural material. Read on how to collect natural materials handles for your cool folding knives.


Why Go for Natural Materials Handles?

Natural materials were used among the first handles when knives were invented. These materials have proven they are the best. They are readily available and aid in reducing waste, as they are recycled.

Besides, these handle materials are affordable and durable. They come in unique patterns and natural colors to ensure the knives are beautiful and unique.


5 Best Natural Handle Materials for Cool Folding Knives

Below are the best natural handle materials:


Wood takes the crown for the best natural handle material for knives. Whether it’s a heavy-duty knife, light-duty like the ones used culturally, or a knife collection, wood handles dominate in all categories. They offer perfect grip and are readily available, making the most affordable handles.

Besides, wood is durable, primarily if you use your knife more often, and can withstand diverse weather conditions. Wood handles are stunning and unique, making them the most popular materials for knives handles.


There are many bones found from loads of waste produced daily. Instead of throwing off the bones, they are recycled and used in creating one of the most beautiful knives handles you will ever collect. They come in various unique colors when you dye and can withstand any weather.


While you don’t see many leather handle knives, leather is a natural material that makes a classic handle. The process used in making a leather handle is wrapping leather or leather wash. It is then grid and profiled, creating a classic, durable handle, which you can use for your cool folding knives.


If you want a metallic handle, then Titanium is the best metal you can find. It’s the most corrosive-resistant metal, very light in weight, and more substantial than aluminum. When Titanium goes through anodization, it has the most spectacular natural colors. It’s also warm; thus, it does not freeze your hands.

Mother of Pearl

Pearl is very stylish, and the mother of pearl is what eventually turns into a pearl. The natural, inexpensive material turns into various shapes and colors. If your taste is a stylish, affordable, and strong handle, then the mother of pearl is your material.


Final Word

These are the best natural handle materials readily available and very affordable in your locality. As a knife collector, it’s vital to ensure the quality of the handle material you choose. You pair it with the correct steel for maximum productivity of your folding knives. At, we offer all types of knives with natural handle materials.

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