The most important thing in building a successful retail business is selling your product. Retail business owners are always wondering how they can sell more and how they can improve their business. These four tips for increasing sales include what you need to know to grow your business. A big influencer of success is people: knowing your customers and treating them well while they are in store will do a lot for your business.


If you want to sell more, you need to know how to connect with your customers and potential customers who would want to buy your product. What kinds of things do your existing customers want? What different demographics should you be targeting? Are they buying for themselves or others? What makes customers come to you instead of a competitor (or vice-versa)? You can find out what your customers want and who they are through small talk, by doing demographic surveys, or—assuming your business is online—analysing web analytics data.  Knowing who your customers are allows you to adjust what you sell and how you sell it accordingly. Offering the goods that customer’s want will increase your sales.


Your employees are usually the first point of contact for customers, so the way that employees conduct themselves and represent your business is critical. Treat employees as an investment, not as warm bodies. Train your employees so they can do their jobs better. If employees have all the information they need, they will be able to do a better job of sharing it with customers, which helps create rapport and will increase sales. Additionally, make sure that you maintain morale by paying your employees a decent wage and recognizing their accomplishments. Employees who feel good about working for you will go the extra mile when it comes to pleasing customers and getting sales.


People can’t buy things from you if you do not have a way to accept their money. Setting up a secure, dynamic point of sale system makes it convenient for your customers and makes them more willing to trust you. Additionally, many customers today do not carry cash, so having a POS system in place is critical for being able to accept business from as many customers as possible. There are lots of solutions out there, from simple ones like Stripe or Paypal, to full blown expensive POS systems. If you’re really struggling to find the best one, make a spreadsheet to compare the best features of each and try to narrow down your choices from there.


One way to attract customers and to build your brand is to share your knowledge for free. It might sound crazy to give away information, but sharing your expertise helps build trust and lets people see that you know what you’re doing. You can share by offering free classes through your business, blogging about your subject, attending conferences, establishing social media to answer questions, or simply talking frankly with people who visit your store. People are more likely to buy from someone whom they know is informed and is willing to educate them about their products.

Are you ready to increase sales in your retail business? Get started with these simple, actionable tips and your business will take off in no time.

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