Google “Nordstrom tires.” Read one of the three million results. Now think about the reach of that story. An event, a non-newsworthy event, is still being talked about millions of times on the internet. A man was able to return a set of tires he, obviously, didn’t buy a Nordstrom because Nordstrom’s business is truly customer-centric. In fact, their only rule is to use good judgment. What’s the value to your business of customer-centric service? Read on for benefits you can’t afford to lose.

Delight the Customer

Decent customer service that takes into account language barriers and ease of use, is the bare minimum a company can provide. If you just do your job, customers won’t be angry, but they also won’t be delighted. It’s a non-experience. When considering how you can provide the best customer service, look at ways you can go above and beyond. Take responsibility for a poor experience, even if it wasn’t in your control, and resolve the issue for the customer in the fastest time possible. If the customer orders the wrong part for their vehicle, good customer service is offering a replacement. Great customer service is making sure they get that replacement in a day.

Reap the Rewards

The rewards of delighting a customer are enormous. Over three-quarters of customers will give return business to a company that offers personalized experiences. More importantly, nearly 100% of customers will tell friends, family and the internet about a great customer service experience. Not only are you creating a loyal customer, but you are also getting their positive feedback which can impact hundreds of future sales. Finally, customer loyalty is engendered through great customer service, even if you charge more than your competitors.

To create a business that builds on customer loyalty don’t just do what you have to do, do the most.

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