Insurance is something we all have to have but hope we never need. Lawyers may fall into that category for some of us, too. Like insurance, lawyers specialize in various parts of their field. Divorce lawyers don’t usually handle environmental law cases. Corporate lawyers won’t touch a worker’s compensation suit on your behalf unless you’re the corporation they work for. If you need a motorcycle accident lawyer, look for an appropriate firm whose lawyers have experience with that. Don’t call an entertainment contract lawyer.

Fault Lines

If you’re involved in an accident, any accident lawyer will do, right? Not exactly true. First, it depends on whether or not you were at fault in the accident. If you are the party responsible, you’re going to look for a lawyer who’s good at defending you against the claims of those you injured. You definitely need to look at that attorney’s track record in accident cases. Obviously, more wins than losses work in your favor. Second, you need to look at how the lawyer will pursue your case. You may want a shark. You may want that aggressive litigator who will pursue all your options to the end of the earth. Those attorneys certainly exist and are usually both persistent on your behalf as well as successful. You may not want that, though. Perhaps you want a lawyer who is willing to flexibly and amicably work out a settlement that all parties can agree with. You may want someone who’s a little of both. You’ll need to be blunt in both your questions and instructions to your attorney.

Insurance Companies

When you’re not at fault, you need to make the same decision as to what kind of lawyer you want. You’ll need to take it a step further, though. Usually, insurance companies are involved when an accident happens. If you’re the victim, you want a lawyer who’s experienced in dealing with insurance companies to ensure you get everything to which you’re entitled. Not to bash insurance companies, but they’re not in business to guarantee you get what you deserve. They’re in business to make money. If that means they could cut corners where your case is concerned, you need a good lawyer on your side to make sure you get what you are owed from the insurance company.

Accidents Aren’t All the Same

Be sure to hire a lawyer with experience in your type of accident. The needs of an injured motorcyclist are different than that of an injured truck driver. An experienced lawyer will know how to navigate the ins and outs of the care you need both immediately and on an on-going basis. Your attorney should also be able to advise you on not just what to expect with your physical care needs, but also your emotional ones, too. Accidents are traumatic events. Don’t discount the possible need for a qualified mental health professional to help you deal with the emotional fallout from your accident.

Protect yourself by hiring the best legal representation for your case. You won’t be sorry.

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