Nowadays, most of the people are on social media and this is the platform where you can explore the world by one click. You get all information from around the world. Now, you can earn money from this networking world. For making money online, you can start your business no matter it is small or big, promote brands, write a blog etc. if you are looking to offer products and services online, and make your business more effective, you need to create a website.

It gives you more credibility and you can tell your valuable clients that why you deserve their opinion and trust. Once the trust is build, they will convert in your royal customers. You can either hire e professional website designer to design the website or you can also create a website by following these steps.

Choose the right Platform – this is the most important and primary step as choosing the right platform gives you high security and strength. You also need to choose the best Content management which provides a genuine content to your website. It is very important tool in the creation of the site as it plays an important role in attracting the customers.

Choose unique Domain name – when monetizing your site then few things should be kept in your mind regarding Domain name such as if you are making your website for business propose then your brand and company should be used as the Domain Name, and if you are using for personal website then you can also use .com version.

Configuration – After completing these activities, your site will be ready to use and you can implement changes according your customization like adding themes, add and edit title and taglines, adding widgets, setting background, adding pages, adding menu, plugins, categories, posts, profile, media and monetizing your Blog.

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