Looking to do a little Texas acting? As with any other service, it is best to tread carefully and make sure that certain procedures are followed, such as making sure that the coach has the right skills and credentials. Before you embark on acting lessons, one needs to know what makes a good acting coach, and how to choose the best one.

Success Stories

An aspiring actor will want to know how many, if any, of the coach’s former students made it. A good coach should have plenty of success stories. Sure, not everyone is going to be the next Tom Cruise but a reasonable amount of the acting coach’s students should have been able to find gainful employment.

In most cases, an acting coach will use these success stories as a part of their marketing. If not, a person should ask about them prior to hiring the coach. While this may seem presumptuous, or even rude, it is honestly just good research. If the coach can make others a success, then chances are they can do it again.


One can also check a coach’s background by looking up online reviews. Since coaching is a business, sites like Yelp! and the BBB will often have info on them — good or bad. This gives one an opportunity to view what others are saying about the coach. Do people love the coach and their methods? Or is the coach known for being difficult? These online review sites will tell the tale either way. One thing to keep in mind about these review sites is the fact that they can sometimes be biased. For example, maybe a student of the coach just couldn’t cut it and had to be let go. Or maybe the coach unintentionally offended one of the students, who then had a hissy fit. Either way, people shouldn’t let one or two bad reviews sway them, and should instead look at the big picture.

The Environment

Different coaches have different styles of teaching. This means that a person should look for a Texas acting coach that can meet their preferences. Does the coach have a very strict and disciplined environment for their students? Or would the coach prefer a more relaxed environment that allows the students to get creative? Regardless, a person will want to find a coach that suits his or her own learning style.

Types of Acting

Another factor when it comes to picking out the right acting coach is the styles of acting that they teach. Do they teach method acting? Improv? Or are they teaching more basic acting skills? A person should evaluate their goals carefully, and make sure that the coach they choose is capable of teaching an acting style that will help them to reach their goal.

Do They Have Connections?

If a person has the goal of breaking into Broadway or Hollywood, then it can be a good idea to hire a coach that has connections with the right people. Of course, coaches with these connections will likely understand their value, and charge higher fees. In some cases, coaches with a good network of connections may be very picky about the students they take on. In these cases, it can be good to have a back-up plan as it could be difficult to get a first choice coach.

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