In the world of business IT, a data center is critical in supporting daily activities and round-the-clock extensive data processing. Through data center consolidation, you’ll gather, combine, and access different types of data from a central place like CentricsIT, making it easier to discover business patterns and gain insights that streamline operations.

While some businesses prefer self-hosted data centers, others rely on third-party providers for reasons like the need for more space, power, and insurance in case of major breakdowns in an organization. However, relying on third parties calls for extreme caution. Because, you’ll perform a data center migration to the providers’ databases, which means data accessibility and safety will depend on the third party. That said, how do you find the right third-party provider for your data center?

Consider data center security

Security is the top priority when searching for a third party provider to host your data center. You need assurance that your business details are safe both virtually and physically. Therefore, select third parties that are immune to hacking. Ensure they have solid data encryption or tight security solutions that protect your data center from compromise. Even more, physical security is also a big deal. That is to say, the right data center provider for you should have 24/7 monitoring, multiple access barriers or layers like biometric readers, and extra security systems for critical or highly sensitive information. Hence, the right third-party provider protects your data center in all aspects. Check to be sure that your data is safe before partnering with a data center provider.

Flexibility and scalability

As a growth-oriented entrepreneur, your business is growing year after year thus the need for steady growth in data needs. That means choose a third party provider that can keep up with the changing requirements in your organization. Ensure the provider demonstrates that it can accommodate your business scalability. This way, you’ll enhance efficiency in your business as your data needs increase.

Backup and recovery

The data center provider for your business must guarantee smooth operations at all times. The provider should ensure resilience and grant continuity in case of attacks or any form of data compromise. Also, your perfect data center provider has to provide a solid backup and recovery plan in case of a breach. Again, the provider’s service agreement must specify expected downtime in the event of an outage and the time they’ll restore to the primary data center. As a result, you’re sure of business continuity, reliability, and resilience whenever the data center is compromised.


You want affordable data center providers whose prices match the features and services they offer. Therefore, set a budget. Balance your priorities against cost and select a third-party provider that blends in perfectly.  Don’t pay a heavy price in exchange for less. Ensure the provider’s service quality equals what you’re paying for. Even then, be sure to select a third party that delivers the greatest value for your investment.

The right data center provider for you depends on how serious business data is to you. So, consider what your business needs before choosing a third party provider. By identifying how efficiently the data center provider can meet your needs you’ll be able to find the right vendor.

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