Being an island nation, it will not surprise you to learn that Malta has more than its fair share of marinas and harbours. Seldom empty; places like the Marina di Valletta in the capital, the Camper & Nicholson’s Grand Harbour Marina, and others make for the ideal areas to berth your yacht. There is a lot more to managing yachts in Malta than finding a good berth, though, and Malta has an ample supply of other services you might wish to hire.

Seeking Out Boat Care Services

Unless you an expert in the field, shortly after you move to Malta, you are going to want to employ the services of a boat care company. It is often said that for an hour on the water, you will spend twice as long on maintenance and repairs. Yachts, therefore, require a considerable amount of upkeep.

Emergency repairs, regular maintenances and winter protection are just a few of the tasks you are arguably not going to want to do yourself. If your yacht is used for “business” purposes, then getting help with registering under the Maltese flag, creating a holding company and other administerial aspects are worth looking into.

A Well-Stocked Galley

Malta is home to many businesses offering yacht management services. While those discussed thus far predominantly revolve around the maintenance side, you can also find companies which aim to make planning your sailing trip a breeze. Some of the island’s businesses are happy to provide you with supplies, delivered right to your berth. Having a well-stocked galley for a daily or even weekly sailing trip can be a laborious task, but there are services out there which can help you do that.

Moreover, if you have only recently moved to the Mediterranean country, you may not know the waters. Itinerary planning is another service you can often enquire about to make sure that you get the best advice on where to sail, where to avoid and routes to take to keep your yacht out of the often busy waterways surrounding the islands.

Clear Those Customs

Very people like customs and clearances. Naturally, you can expect to spend many hours filling out paperwork and being checked to ensure that everything is in order. Just like you might employ the services of an accountant to handle your taxes, hiring a company to take care of your clearance and customs forms is also ideal. Customs officers can be a tricky customer to an amateur, so this is, in many ways, just as important to get right as proper maintenance on your yacht.

Getting Started in Malta

It is no good sailing to Malta and hoping to get this all sorted out there and then. First and foremost, you will need a place to berth your yacht. Getting the clearance and customs, berthing, and bunkering aspects done first is essential before you arrive. Once you are moored up, you can start to check out the many island services which cater to these other aspects, whatever the duration of your stay.

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