When you talk with laundromat owners and investors, one topic that comes up frequently would be the utility costs commercial equipment incurs. It’s one of the biggest challenges for laundry businesses, beyond searching for laundry parts (laundry replacement parts can be difficult to find and waste valuable time when repairing machines!).

If you are a laundry owner yourself, you are probably wondering: How can you reduce the utility costs incurred by your commercial laundry equipment? Here are a few helpful tips to keep your business cash flow and expenses running smoothly.

  1. Energy-efficient equipment and lights

Upgrading the business’ commercial laundry equipment to those with Energy Stars will help utilize less water and electricity. This will have a huge impact on the business’ utility expenses. You might want to consider upgrading your alliance laundry parts or replacing them to have your equipment run more efficiently.

Besides your commercial laundry equipment, also update your facility’s lighting and upgrade it to energy-efficient lightbulbs. This will help with your electricity usage, lowering down energy costs. There are energy-efficient lightbulbs like halogens, CFLs, and LEDs, which use from 25-80% less energy and last -3-25 times longer compared to the traditional incandescent lights.

  1. Use cold water

A significant part of the business’ energy costs go to your washing machines warming up the water. To save on that energy, encourage the staff and customers to use cold water. You can do this by hanging signs around the facility, letting people know about cold water usage.

  1. Utilize technology and advanced control

Laundry technologies are more advanced than before. With laundromat management tools, you get to track and manage the equipment ensure they operate excellently.

Furthermore, make sure that your equipment also has advanced controls, which lower utility costs while saving money. There are features such as leak detection, lower power modes, and programmable water levels for customers to manage the water and electricity use better.

  1. Clean and maintain the machines

Commercial laundry equipment that is well-maintained and cleaned will operate at peak efficiency, which saves your business money along the way. Wipe down the machines and check for any damage regularly to prevent further damages that cost the business.

  1. Set timers and adjust the temperatures

Timers and motion sensors will come in handy, especially when operating a 24/7 laundromat. Instead of having your lights on most of the time, the lights can switch on and off when needed when customers use the space or throughout business hours. You might want to consider timers for other electronics too, like the television or office computers.

Just like putting lights on timers or sensors, you should do the same with the thermostat. Even when you adjust the temperature by a few degrees, you’ll make a significant difference. It’s best to do this outside the operational hours since you won’t have to heat or cool your facility without customers or employees around.

You can use fans to help move air around, which will help maintain consistent temperatures around the business facilities.

Wrapping It Up

Use this information to drive down the water and electricity costs for your laundromat business today!

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