When you have past experience working in-house at the marketing department of a relatively large corporate, or previous working experience with a typical Hong Kong SEO agency, you may already possess a few tricks to present yourself well on the internet. But not everyone has the same experience to realize what has to be implemented to create a personal online presence.

Start a blog. But more importantly, you should follow up by regularly writing and posting new articles in order to attract attention from your local Hong Kong community. A blog does not only help you get your individual name out through readers who are interested in what you publish, it is a platform to connect with your future potential consumers more directly. The bottom line is to be able to keep up blogging. For many people it may be far too difficult to continue and too easy to give up. Setting up a blog could be a quick job. All you need is a new domain name, a web hosting service account with the minimum hosting package, and a WordPress blog installation.

Whatever article or content you have published on your blog for your local HK audience (whether it is in English for foreigners or Cantonese Chinese for Hongkongers), you should create a second version of it. This second version should be optimized for the major social media sites, such as Facebook. Create your Fan page on Facebook, and invite your existing friends. If you are able to regular publish new materials on your blog, you should be able to repurpose the same piece of content on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Wechat, Reddit, Pinterest, Telegram, We Heart It, Meetup, vkontakte, and more are simply some of the names of social media that people nowadays are using.

Sign up on Linkedin – Linkedin is a popular professional social network site. Professionals in your industry who reside in Hong Kong, you can find tons of them. Experienced/veteran individuals in your niche who live across all over the world, they have their profiles already created a couple of years ago on Linkedin. In other words, there are many people you will be able to get hold of through the use of this professional social network. You may well end up building some new connections who will prove to be vital for your career growth in the future. You can simply use the web version of Linkedin through any web browser of your preference (including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or more). Alternative for some people.

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