Many companies in the past have relied on their own internal HR or used an agency to find suitable candidates. However, much has changed over the last few years and not only are there many more options available for potential employees, it’s always possible that your internal recruiter isn’t able to source the right candidate.

When looking for a new candidate, the biggest disadvantage to hiring an external agency is that you’ll feel like you’re simply throwing money away and there’s no guarantee that they’ll provide you with suitable candidates. However, this isn’t always the case as it’s crucial to remember that they have years of experience behind them and can also give your company access to their industry contacts.

This means that they can get in touch with candidates that you may never have known about, who are often more than willing to apply for your position. They also offer a wide range of different recruiting services which can be tailored to suit your company’s needs and the type of candidate that you’re looking for.

Recruitment agencies also offer great value to companies.

HR management can be very time consuming and it’s not always possible for someone within the business to go out, meet up with potential supply chain recruits face-to-face and sell your company culture. Try explaining what you do in one sentence! It’s no easy feat, yet an accomplished recruiter can simplify this task by speaking with potential candidates and selling the company brand in a way that simply cannot be done over the phone.

A good recruitment agency offers both value to companies, but also value to potential recruits. They work closely with many different businesses across all industries meaning they are able to print off highly relevant information packs about your company, which can then be used as a jumping point for conversations with potential candidates.

There are a number of problems that can occur if you choose to use an agency, however. For instance, the cost. Many agencies charge a finders fee which is a percentage of the annual salary you offer a successful candidate. However, this isn’t always necessary and it’s possible to work out a deal with a good recruitment agency and only pay them when the candidate they have sourced starts.

Another issue that arises is that an agency may simply not be able to help you find the right person for your business or perhaps they will feed you candidates that don’t possess the skills required for the role. This can cause stress and wasted time on behalf of both you and your employees if your business can not function properly because of the lack of supply chain management professionals.

To conclude, hiring a good recruitment agency can be well worth it depending on what type of person you are trying to hire and the budget that is available to you. It may take you time to find exactly who you’re looking for but there are many benefits to using an agency and the time you lose trying to find your dream candidate is minimal compared with the number of problems you can avoid.

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