What’s an opinion worth these days? Thanks to earth changes, political firestorms, and a plethora of other unexpected experiences, the opinions of other people are worth a lot, especially if you are one of the key opinion leaders who help brands and companies bridge the gap between them and consumers. No one wants to face the contrasting experiences that develop from knee-jerk decisions or pushing to meet a deadline. Opinion leaders help relieve unwanted stress, so decisions are not as challenging.

 Key Opinion Leaders Rule The Social Media Set

The retail and wholesale market depend on opinions from consumers in order to stay current with social trends. Focus groups and athletes are influence leaders. But they may not be key opinion leaders. And there is a huge difference. Focus groups and athletes influence rather than give opinions. They increase awareness of products and services. But they may not produce opinions that match what they promote.

There’s a huge demand for opinion leaders in every sector of the economy. Economic growth is out of the closet and running naked on the Internet. And brands and individuals want to know what that looks like. Finding a key opinion leader is a process. There’s a symbiotic relationship going on between brands and opinion leaders, according to Bob Goodson, the president of the social media analytic company NetBaseQuid.

The world watched a key opinion leader in action when Elon Musk told the world Bitcoin payments were no longer accepted at Tesla dealerships. Bitcoin investors mumbled under their breath. But they licked their financial wounds when Musk told the press he planned to carry Dogecoin to the Moon. Dogecoin started as a joke between Elon, Jean Simmons, and Snoop Dogg. The value of that cryptocurrency sky-rocketed, and Musk did what he planned to do. He used his opinion leader qualities to sway the perceptions of Bitcoin. Musk said he could no longer support the way Bitcoin uses coal for its energy source.

 AI Market Intelligence Changes With The Trends

Not all opinion leaders have the power Musk has, but they do perform in a similar way within different sectors of the economy. That’s why companies like Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Microsoft, United Airlines, and other big-name corporations partner with NetBase Quid. Brands want that kind of attention.

NetBaseQuid President Bob Goodson told the press his company identifies key opinion leaders in record-breaking time thanks to the multifaceted AI market intelligence platform the company developed. The AI platform has all the marketing intelligence information in one concise package.

 Opinion Leaders Identify Trends Before They Go Mainstream

Not all brands believe they need the kind of market intelligence that covers all the current tech bases, as well as social media and shopping trends. But in the fast-moving online retail environment that keeps expanding, opinions still matter if they come from a reputable source. A source that feels like a friend that is always there to share an opinion.

Opinion leaders help deliver market intelligence that includes emerging trends and consumer feedback, and that’s why they are so valuable. They identify trends before they go mainstream, and that information is music to the ears of branded and unbranded product developers.

The bottom line is opinion leaders dig into the nuts and bolts of marketing and product information. Opinion leader information can change the business plans of companies. Brands that want to ride the crest of a particular sector of the economy listen to opinion leaders

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