Are you out looking for the best 護理員or domestic helper for your elderly parents? Then you have to keep in mind what to look out for. The following are some of the things you ought to check out before you hire the 護理員.


The helper has to be one that pays great attention to details, whether small or big. Get to notice how well she remembers the things that you tell her. You can do the testing by giving her a list of some chores for the house with instructions that are specific for 2 of them.  Find out how well she recites them back when you ask her. 

It is a trait that is important for cooking, housekeeping, cleaning and much more. You can also test how well she is with details by asking her to go purchasing ingredients and leave out details deliberately.  Watch and find out if she will ask about the details of what she is supposed to buy.


Your domestic helper should be the type who is ready to go out of her way to ensure work is done. Enquire from her the type of work she currently does at home. You can ask how many times she sweeps the floor, the number of times she cooks meals, the time she wakes up and what time she retires to bed.

Mindset of ownership

She should be the type who is ready to go over and above to ensure that the job is done because of having personal responsibility for the same. Though it is a plus characteristic to have, it might be hard to identify it during the interview. 

You can utilize a question such as what she does not like about her job. Or ask regarding when something didn’t go right during her work, what did she do?  See if she is the type to finger point and place the blame on her employer for the problem. The way she talks about her current or previous employer is the way she is going to talk about you to others. 


The 護理員or domestic help that you settle for should be one who does not give up easily.  Adapting to the new culture might be tough enough, especially with different working hours, the pace of life, language transitions and cultural norms.  

You can try asking her how she adapted to her previous or current environment where she worked as a 護理員or a domestic helper.  You can deliberately ask her tough questions to observe her reaction to them. 

If she shows signs that she is giving up because the questions seem to be tough, then that is a sign that she is not resilient.  When it comes to language, she needs to have the resilience and right attitude to complete the interview well.

You must identify the characteristic of a good domestic helper early. You are better off putting in a lot of effort while interviewing than have to pay the hard price of having the wrong domestic helper in terms of time and finances.

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