If you are a resident of the United States of America then you must be aware that the state of Alabama is located in America’s southeastern part. 

During the Civil Rights Movement there were many events took place in this state and therefore it is home to many landmarks of this movement. For example, there is a church in the name of Martin Luther King Jr. Also, the state is popular for college football as well. The population of this state is approximately 5 million people.

Illinois is a state, which is in the mid-western part of the USA. It is home to a well-known city called Chicago. Chicago borders the Mississippi River present in the west and is known as the “prairie state”. This was the first state for ratifying the 13th Amendment, thereby slavery was abolished.

In case you are interested to know how much will it cost to you for shipping your car from Illinois to Alabama, then better you call the sales representative of Ship A Car, Inc. who will gladly send you a free quotation after you send the details of your car and when you want to ship it. 

It is quite natural that whenever you will consider shipping your car from Illinois to Alabama, you will always look for a certain shipping expert so that you can trust them. 

SAC is a very reputable company in the USA and has plenty of both open as well as enclosed auto transporters nationwide, hence this company is capable of offering you a safe and reliable service.

The time that will take to deliver your vehicle

You must be aware that the distance between Illinois and Alabama is about 728 road miles and this measurement has been taken from the middle of both these states.

Therefore, on average, it must take almost 2 to 3 days for shipping a car to cover that distance. Of course, this is going to depend on the road traffic of both these states along the way and also what type of shipping method you have chosen.

Since the shipping cost in case of open transport is less as compared enclosed transport method and hence most people prefer the open transport method. Therefore, the trailer will get filled much faster than if you choose the enclosed transport method.

No shipping company will like to send their trailer unless their trailer is full. Therefore, you can expect a certain amount of delay, in case you have preferred to go for enclosed transportation.

Which is a more cost-effective method?     

As mentioned before, while shipping your vehicles by road, you have got 2 options. You can either go for enclosed transport or open-air transport. If you prefer a cost-effective solution, then go for open-air transport.

This method, although a bit lower in price, however, is quite secure and popular. The basic difference between these 2 methods will be the absence of any cover in the open-air transport method, which will leave the cars exposed to outside weather.


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