Did you know the word magazine is derived from a Middle French word ‘Magasin’, which means warehouse, store, and depot?  In Arabic, it was called ‘makhazin’ and ‘magazzino’ in Italian. The word came into use in publication filed with the meaning – storage of articles as an analogy. Earlier it was referred to as the storage of arms and ammo. 

Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungenis one of the oldest magazines, launched in 1663 in Germany. It was about philosophy. But the first time when the word ‘magazine’ was used in publication was in 1731-London, by Edward Cave. It was named ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine under’, which educated people about general interest.

With time people have utilized magazines in various industries like music, news, sports, fashion, etc., to do their brand’s publicity and service advertisements. Magazines play a massive role in reaching an audience, especially after digitalization; its outreach has no boundary until the internet is there.  

Similarly, the utilization of magazines for the promulgation of educational institutes in specific education magazine has limitless gains. By publishing about itself in magazines, educational institutes have the power to reflect the image of their students and teachers at the best level. These magazines have a high reach to the audience that is interested or connected to education.  

Educational Articles

Here in educational business magazines, schools should publish an article written by their students and teachers, which will help the new enrolling students and their parents explore the new school, understand the institute, and convince them much better. 

Such magazines are highly reliable for the parents as these educational business magazines give them information about the top best institutes. These magazines are well known among the audience as parents receive insights of many educational institutes through their student’s self-written articles, all in one place.

In this process, the institute’s pupils are also encouraged to work hard. They receive an opportunity to be more creative in conveying their ideas and do artwork that will be published in education business magazines and online business magazines. The true potential of the students can be recognized here as they will receive new exposure.   

There many more benefits that an educational institute can advertising about their facilities and can publish their institute’s profile in an educational magazine like –   

Educational pieces of training 

In an online education magazine, many institutes receive vast scope to show off in their advertisements about the conferences, workshops, seminars, different kinds of educational pieces of training they conduct for both students and teacher, also the school trips they take, and many other curriculum activities they organize throughout the year.  

Extra-curricular activities 

This is the best place to highlight their school’s features concerning indoor and outdoor sports, music, arts, and other extra-curricular activities, which encourages its student’s imagination process other than the theory subjects to enhance their personality and growth. 

Boot camps

Besides that, education business magazines are also a good platform to emphasize the contributions that schools make for various communities or causes like environmental issues and related boot camps that they might organize annually.

Website’s Information

Educational institutes have the freedom to advertise their national and international links and photos in these educational magazines that they wish to publicize about their school, which will help parents remember more about the physical presence of the school and will lead them to visit the institute’s website.  

Special Achievements 

Casting a separate column about the institute’s achievement in their profile publishing on a common platform like the online education magazine where all institutes present themselves will also reflect its image and leave a good mark on its audience memory.

Features to be Showcased  

  • In educational business magazines, institutes can advertise their teacher’s qualifications, the learning materials they provide, or different resources they use to better educate their students. Also, advertisements related to their infrastructural advancement with economic benefits will attract more crowd attention to them. 
  • All subjects of education work as a building block in students’ growth, and the school’s infrastructure plays a key role in their learning process. Infrastructure works as the right catalyst in the education process, and it also shows the modern curriculum of the school. Highlighting these tangible facilities plays very vital as they also represent the institution’s operating standards.  
  • Advertising about – having smart technologies in the classrooms and Wi-Fi connections in the school premises, multiple auditorium facilities for workshops, cultural activities that boost students confidence, and lectures with projectors that keep students engaged throughout the teaching session and give them visual understanding also enhances institute’s image in front of the audience.
  • Science laboratories with all the needed apparatus where students can practice chemistry and physics experiments and learn theory better. Library with e-learning facilities where students can find both soft copy and hard copy of the best seller for their education for enhancing their knowledge in depth. 
  • Special art studios for students’ creativity like a music studio, dance studio, drama studio, art gallery and studio, fashion studio, etc. If an institute has any of these studios, it should spread its advertisement as much as possible, which will attract those students who desire this facility the most. This will make the school a hub of creativity.   
  • AR and VR facilities play an essential role in the education these days, it helps the students to learn and understand syllabus faster with the help of artificial intelligence. 
  • Sport facilities also fascinate the parents and students, as they will explore their hobbies and develop the skills, which might help them grow in that profession. Also, certification in this activity can help them to qualify in many governments jobs as well. 
  • An educational institute can also impress the parents’ target audience by showcasing the medical facility level they provide for their students inside the camps for any kind of medical emergency in education business magazines.  


Presenting motivational thoughts from its principal and teachers about the goal of the institute and the road ahead they wish to lead and succeed for their students in education business magazine will inspire its reader to explore more about that institute.


Many students and parents are discouraged because of the huge fees structure that they cannot afford to pay even if the institute is perfect for their kids.  Educational institutes should also utilize education business magazines to advertise about the scholarships that it provides for its students to encourage more and more applicants to apply in their institutes.

By advertising everything about itself in a well-known educational magazine, the institutes represent their best version where every parent comes and compare all the educational institutes one place and select the best convincing institute for their child.   

Print Material 

For some people, print material is still more engaging than digital content. Digital content also has more competition if we compare it with the print materials like magazines due to ample notifications that divide the time span people give to each content out of so many of their interests. Magazines make sure that you hold on to the particular content as it is in the tangible form. 

Economic advertisement 

Tangible forms of magazines can be circulated at very affordable cost among the crowd via many clubs and libraries through which the institutes can be more connected to the outside world by creating an informational and updated presence in the people’s minds via renowned education business magazines.  

QR Codes

There is more to it; in those magazines, you can also advertise a QR Code, and by scanning it your audience will directly land on the desired webpage that will give them more information on the topic of facilities the institute provides. QR Codes are easy to use and very helpful to create an educational brand as well.  


Besides that, with articles, institutes can also publish their infographics to make their advertisement in education magazines more informative, easy to compare and represent the growth that it has achieved in the last few years.   This will visually appeal to the audience. By presenting similar images of the infographics on your website, it will click your audience’s memory that they have landed on the right page. 

Social Media 

As you advertise in any education business magazine, you are also advertising it on an online platform as the magazines also web lives their content on their websites. You can also upload those website links on the institute’s social media accounts to reach people. 

Also, creating small glimpses of its content like photos or short reels can effectively impress an audience. One of the best rewards we have on social media platforms is to select our audience according to their age, locality, gender, interest, and search history and create leads based on it very easily, according to the budget available. 

Print media of educational business magazines play a very interesting role among educational institutes as its digital form has a global reach. Such magazines content can be useful to many other school’s students and faculty to learn new things. As well this will promote new ways of educating solutions like updated curriculum and more among the community. 

Aimed Marketing 

Parents are the main audience when it comes to the enrolment of their kid’s education. Convincing them is the main part by emphasizing your advertisements presentation because their concerns can affect the number of enrolments in the particular school very much. 

Every parent is concerned about the school’s environment, challenges in education, how much individual attention kids receive, the kinds of assignments that the school assigns, and what kinds of teaching techniques are adopted. In the case of colleges, job placements and internships are at the focus. 

Advertisement opportunity in an educational business magazine is a platform for every educational institute that stands out in a particular subject or culture they provide and wishes to attract their audience in the best possible way and want to compete with the other educational institute the same kind.  

Magazines help educational institutes to tailor their contents according to the best suited and required demographics of the pupil they want to attract. This varies from place to place and audience to audience. Magazine companies assist educational institutes according to their needs and demand of the market so that their vision reaches the audience in the best possible way by showcasing the faculties, facilities, and the other features that institute wants to emphasize on. 

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