To begin with I’ve bought and used both directory’s, they’re legitimate and back up their claims of having thousands of trustworthy suppliers and providing them to their members. In addition they also have brilliant support and security and I recommend both of these services to any serious eBayer or e-commerce site owner.

Worldwide Brands

World Wide Brands is the largest and most respected wholesale directory on the internet. It has over 9000 suppliers and is the only directory which has a partnership with eBay. World Wide Brands also inspects all of its suppliers to make sure they’re not scams so you can have peace of mind when purchasing any products from their suppliers.

As well as this sounds there’s a lot more to Worldwide brands than the thousands of suppliers. The best feature of World Wide Brands for me is the market research tool, they also have a video tutorial showing you how to use and maximize its potential. This tool shows you what to sell, what the current supply and demand is on a product, what keywords you need to use in order for customers to find the product and an overall verdict on how successful you’ll be if you decide to sell the product. It’s amazing the amount of information that’s provided to you in a click of a button.

Every businessman knows how important market research is and this tool literally saves you hours of manual labor.

Another feature I love about World Wide Brands is all the information they provide for their customers. EBooks, video tutorials, forums, the amount of free advice and bonuses, there’s a lot of useful information for you to take in, also a lot of the information they provide is crucial for you to know if you’re a newbie on eBay or just starting off in making money online, so be sure to take full advantage if you become a member.

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