When you’re filling an opening at your company a lot of work goes into that task. In addition to writing and posting an accurate job posting you have to make sure it’s listed on sites that not only generate traffic but draw in the type of job seekers you’re looking for. Plus, once a job is posted review of hundreds of resumes will have to be done before you even think about interviewing anyone.

However, once you’ve managed to narrow down potential hires to the shortlist of people you’ll want to interview the next steps can begin. Phone and later in-person interviews allow you to talk to a job seeker and see how their skillset and background fit with your company and the job you need to be filled. A background check is one of the later steps in the hiring process and one you should do when you’ve narrowed the options down to your top choices. One of these important background checks is verifying an applicant’s educations background. Checking an applicant’s background is very important for your company for many reasons.

Why An Education Background Check Is Important

While verifying the educational background of a potential hire is one of the last steps in the process it is still a necessary step. Here are some things an educational background check tells you.

  1. Verifies Information

One of the first things an education background check tells you is that the information provided is legitimate. While you may think someone lying about something that is easily verifiable is uncommon that is sadly not the case. There have been high-profile incidents over the years of people falsifying their educational background. This occurs in very high level and public positions meaning that a small percentage of job seekers will embellish their resume. While the odds are low, and you’ll likely have several good candidates, by confirming false information you can move on to other potential hires and extend offers to people whose resumes are verified as being truthful.

  1. Proves A Candidate Is Honest

A candidate’s honesty on their resume in terms of their background, education, and work experience is a good sign. It proves that their word can be trusted and for any job that is an important trait to have. It gives you an early first impression that a new employee can be trusted to show the same honesty with facts in their work as they did on their resume. Professional honesty is key for dealing with both customers and coworkers and helps build your company’s overall reputation and ensure reliability in day-to-day operations.

  1. Prevents Future Issues

By confirming a candidate’s education you avoid any future issues that could occur. If you hire an employee and in the future find that they falsified their background this can lead to many possible issues. Education is key for many industries and implies the basic knowledge and fundamentals needed to work in certain fields. If you hire somebody and later find out their claimed education was not legitimate this could call into question their ability to do the job. An education background check ensures anyone you hire has the skills they claim to have and the skills your company needs.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right person for the job is a hard task and involves a lot of planning, organization, and work. Plus with the expense of hiring and training bringing on a new employee also has a financial component that cannot be overlooked. Interviews and hiring take time, and you want to make sure all this effort yields a positive result. An education background check answers several important questions and ensures a new hire has the educational skills they claim to have.

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