India is a rapidly growing economy. Our country is one of the most important democracies in the world. The reason for this growth is the utilization of the vast amount of workforce our country has to offer. In a country where 58 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture, it plays a critical part in the boom of our economy. The occupation of a farmer is tedious and hard, but it feeds the whole country.

Keeping in mind the challenges, problems, the startups and agriculture networks have come up with farming apps. The app for किसान

 helps farmers to forecast weather at their fingertips is such a brilliant but also such a simple idea that an individual has thought for millions of farmers. Farmers can now produce crops with more precaution having a rough idea of the changes within the weather.

A farming app that helps farmers to set prices for their yields and networking for Indian farmers, is such a revolutionary idea. Apps like Krishify help the farmers to communicate with each other and talk about anything related to farming, read farming tips and get expert advice. It allows the farmers to connect from coast to coast and helps people barter or sell items. The community for local farmers is often created and they all can communicate with one another and set the principles and regulations consistent with their goodwill and support maximum profit.

There are several other features within the app that permits farmers to sell or buy any farming equipment including tractor, cattle, etc. Buyers can reach out to the farmer in their area and know more about the listings if they’re interested. The farming app has also helped the farmers to bridge the gap between them and the customers.

A few years ago the farmers had to follow a sequence of command which was so often they would not receive appropriate prices for his or her produce. These apps have now made it easy for farmers to list their goods on the market. Also with features like मंडी भाव, the farmer is cognizant of the costs and can take decisions accordingly.

The application aims to succeed in bent the audience through web and mobile interface to touch base numerous problems like lack of awareness about modern farming techniques, the gap in agricultural commodities, market value transparency, lack of availability of farm inputs in the local market, lack of market access to sell agricultural produce, lack of resources to develop small businesses, say, food processing unit etc.

To bridge the gap in the farming sector and the digital sector the application lends a helping hand. So that all the farmers get justification for their hard work. With the help of such digital tools, we look forward to a new India where the agriculture sector gets the benefits of the technology.

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