Working from home is a dream to many, though it would have its own challenges. One challenge is setting up a home office!

When you are preparing your employees for work-from-home arrangements, they will need to be prepared with the right equipment. Furthermore, they’ll also require online or virtual training, especially with new employees on board. Fortunately, there is software such as True Office Learning to help with that.

But how about the equipment? What do remote employees need for their home office? Beyond fast Internet and their laptop, here are some of the essentials.

  1. Standing desk and laptop stand

Sitting all day is bad for your health and can be mentally draining. Your remote employees may be sitting even more than usual. With your employees’ health being part of ethics and compliance, you’ll want to make sure they are comfortable and healthy.

A standing desk or flexible desk can help with that. Employees can position it for either sitting or standing, keeping them energized and stretching their legs a bit. There are so many different kinds of decks to choose from, such as standing rolling desks, coffee tables, or lap desks, depending on what suits the home office and employee’s comfort.

Don’t forget to recommend them a comfortable and ergonomic office chair for back support!

Besides a desk and chair, a laptop stand can help achieve a much more ergonomic setup. It will hold your laptop at a better height and angle while keeping it cool when working long hours.

  1. Second screen and keyboard

Employees should also have an ergonomic keyboard, as built-in keyboards on the laptop would cause strain. This can help lessen the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

Employees may also want a second screen. An external monitor can allow them to keep more screens open at once for better work productivity.

  1. High-quality webcam and mic

While laptops would have a built-in camera, they may not be as high-quality as expected. You can opt for a high-quality webcam to have you look more professional. You might also want a green screen to change your background when needed.

A high-quality mic will also be great for those in your meetings to hear you loud and clear.

  1. White noise machine and noise-canceling devices

A white noise machine is helpful for meetings and to help you concentrate as you work. After all, it’s difficult to concentrate when there are external noises around you, such as loud neighbors or a dog barking outside. That said, employees can use white noise sounds from Spotify or devices like Alexa.

Noise-canceling devices are also a must, such as noise-canceling headphones. These are great to have you feel like you’re in a quiet area and to eliminate all distractions. Plus, high-quality headphones are optimum for meetings as well.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you’re more knowledgeable on what kind of equipment and devices your remote employees need, let them know your recommendations and keep them prepared for their new work arrangements.

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