Online branding is essential to top online businesses and building wealth online. The same brand that is conveyed in printed marketing and sales materials should transcend to the online world. What is online branding?

According to Dave Chaffey, author of Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice and top network marketing tips guru, online branding is defined as “how online channels are used to support brands, which in essence are the sum of the characteristics of a product or service as perceived by the user.”

This definition falls short. A simpler and much more accurate definition is “the combining of you or your company’s best attributes and top strengths with the legitimate value you offer. This must be established through a concise statement that will differentiate you from your peers and yet relate strongly to your target audience and then be conveyed through all online interactions regarding serious business opportunities.”

Entrepreneurial online branding should assist potential customers or clients in deciding whether or not they feel comfortable working with you, (such as) a women-owned home based business. It will also assist them in understanding if your company will create a synergy that is beneficial to both. Your online brand means the difference between building wealth or not because it will allow decisions-makers to easily decide whether you meet their expectations and it will set you apart from your competition.

The following subheadings provide three things to focus on when developing women’s wealth building and online branding.

Identifying your VPs – Vision, Purpose, Value, and Passion

For entrepreneurs, the Vision, Purpose, Value and Passion will define who you are, what your company has to offer and whether or not you are worthy of a potential client’s business.

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