If you are an avid gamer and you love playing new games but do not have something to play then this can be an upsetting fact. There may be a situation when your computer does not support a game and you need a new PC. In this case, you need not worry. There are some ways in which you can play those new games on that same old computer. Take a look:

Game streaming platform

You can try a game streaming platform. These days many game streaming platforms have emerged. This helps you to stream from a high-end PC in the cloud. This allows you to enjoy the high performance and functionality of a high-performing computer. Look for a superior AMD Ryzen 5 5600x.

Fewer background apps

If you want to enjoy the smoothness of your game and do not want to get disturbed then you must make sure that there are very few apps running in your background. Before you start the boot of your game you must open the task manager and then close everything that is running in the background. This can include all the applications like skype, Google chrome, Discord, or even any other application that is running in the background. This should be done because any app that is running silently in your background consumes a small amount of RAM, Hard disk, and even CPU usage that can otherwise be used to enjoy your game.

Razer Cortex game booster

There is a game booster by the name of Razer Cortex that you can give a try. The function of this game booster is to optimize your pc for gaming purposes and also manage your background processes at the same time. You just need to do one thing. You need to boot up razer cortex before you start playing a game and this will free up your system resources. This also helps in optimizing your CPU and ensures that it offers maximum performance.

Look for low graphics

There are settings in all games to reduce the graphics so that you can enjoy the high frames of the high-end games. This can be done by reducing the texture quality or by turning the shadows off. You can enjoy games using high-quality gaming headphones under 1000.

Final words

It can thus be summed up by saying that if your computer is not good enough to support your games and you are looking for ways to enjoy your games on your same old computer then you can try out the following ways. Do try them.


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