Mortgage payment relief programs are programs that allow a person to pause or refinance the terms and conditions of the money borrowed from a lender. Mortgage relief programs are designed to secure the interest and life of the borrower in case he or she is not able to return the borrowed money. However, it does not mean that it can be availed anytime as these can only be taken in certain situations such as uncontrollable financial hardships. Governments always come up with relief programs in events that are shared globally which impact the pockets of the masses equally at the same time such as in the case of the recent coronavirus global pandemic. There are many reasons why governments and banks come up with mortgage payment relief programs and some of the reasons are discussed below.

Avoid Foreclosure

The very first reason why there are mortgage relief programs is thatthey will save people from losing their collateral. Foreclosure is not advantageous to any party that is involved in the lending bond, whether is the lender or the borrower, both of them are bereft of what they require. Homes are the biggest collateral used widely across the world, in the circumstance that led to foreclosure, people lose their homes and are left with nothing and it is a losing deal for both parties. Therefore, mortgage payment relief programs are designed to avoid foreclosure on the part of the borrower. 

Support Spending Power

In events such as that of the global pandemic, many people across the world have lost their jobs and almost every major industry has taken some sort of hit. Because people have lost their jobs, their source of income has stopped, and with that their spending power has also reduced. Most of the people in the world live paychecks to paychecks and in that cycle, they payback many loans and installments and when the source that allows them to repay this loan is disrupted, the entire chain is disrupted and people are unable to support the repayment of their loans. Mortgage payment relief programs allow people to reframe their financial options and gives them a window of opportunity to successfully tackle the issue at hand rather than completely going broke.

Avoiding Economic Breakdown

Now, the story of lending and borrowing is not of a single person, our economies are built upon the successful rotation of this chain. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most people across the world live paycheck to paycheck and a major part of their income is spent on repaying the bills and installments of the loan. When a disruption happens in the chain on a national scale, things can go downhill for the economy of the nation and in avoiding a total breakdown of the chain, the government and lenders come up with relief programs that aid people and allow them to stay on the ground till an improvement in the situation is achieved just like in the case of the global pandemic.