Garage door openers are a major purchase for homeowners. There are many different brands, types, and power requirements for garage door openers currently on the market. It can be confusing for a homeowner to understand which one is right for their home. Once you’ve decided to upgrade your garage door, the next obvious step is to weigh the pros and cons of all the options. To help you out, we created this guide to walk you through the process of choosing the best garage door opener.

Chain Drive

The first type is the chain-drive garage door opener. This type lifts the door up and down with a chain running assembly unit attached to tension springs. Chain-drive garage door openers are common because they are affordable and heavy-duty. Garage door opener installation is also easier with this type. The metal chains dragged by a gear can handle heavier garage doors quite easily compared to other models. They may not be the quietest choice, though, since they operate with a heavy steel chain instead of a chainless mechanism. Chain-drive openers are ideal to use in garages that are detached from the house. If noise and vibration are an issue, consider a quieter option such as a belt drive or direct drive.

Belt Drive

A garage door opener with a belt drive functions similarly to the chain-drive system, pulling the door using a rubber belt around the gear instead of a chain drive. This type has fewer moving parts, which means the belt drives are quieter and smoother. It is a perfect choice if your garage is adjacent to your house or located under a living or sleeping space. Aside from the reduced noise and vibration, another advantage of belt-drive garage door openers is lower maintenance needs since there are fewer parts involved in the operation. Unfortunately, quieter mechanisms come at a higher price tag. These openers are generally pricier than their noisier counterparts.

Screw Drive

A screw-drive garage door opener uses a revolving threaded steel rod to drive the lifting mechanism. As the threaded rod rotates, it moves the trolley along the track, working the springs to raise or lower the door. These units are usually quieter than chain-drive systems and use fewer parts for cleaning and lubrication. Like belt-drive openers, fewer moving parts means less tendency or wear and tear and reduced maintenance cost and downtime. On the other hand, it is not an excellent choice for heavy doors. The massive weight of heavier doors creates friction on the screw, and you may find yourself calling for garage door opener repair too soon.

Direct Drive (Jackshaft)

If space-saving is your priority, then the direct drive garage door opener is the one for you. It no longer involves noisy trolley mechanisms because the motor itself is the trolley and travels along the track that lowers or raises garage doors. It means you get all the benefits of low maintenance and quiet operation without any of the extra high-pitched noises.

Now that you have been informed of your different garage door opener options, you are now ready to call a garage opener service. At Fixxed Garage Doors, we offer a full range of garage door services such as installation, repair, maintenance, replacement, and more. We also provide emergency garage door repair and service to all major brands. Give us a call for a free estimate!

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