Portability is the new drug in town. From powerful computing devices miniaturized into smartphones and smartwatches to board games and group activities, packaged into apps on our smartphones, there’s always that one item or activity that we wished we could bring along with us.

But what if we told you that portability isn’t just limited to smart devices? What if there was a way to enjoy the fun from a group activity like an escape room game from anywhere in the world? Well, guess what? It’s totally possible, and it’s all thanks to Escape Room Kits! So, what exactly is an escape room kit? Keep reading to find out!

Overview of Escape Room Kits

If you’ve ever been to an escape room game, then you probably have a clear idea of how things work there. However, if you haven’t been to one, here’s a refresher course to bring you up to speed; an escape room game is an activity where a group of people discover clues and solve puzzles in an attempt to escape from a locked room within a limited time frame.

Think of an escape room kit as a portable version of an escape room, crafted with unique challenges and made available to be used by anyone from anywhere in the world. An escape room kit is a type of DIY escape game. It is a collection of items that you can use to create your own escape room experience anytime you want.

The beautiful thing about escape room kits is that you can use the kit to create different escape room games that anyone can play regardless of age or experience level.

How to Use an Escape Room Kit?

Using an escape room kit is very simple. The first thing to do is to source for and download your desired escape game kit. Once you’ve downloaded it, print out the game materials as standard photos and cut out the puzzle cards.

Next, follow the setup guide on the kit to lay out the clues, puzzle cards, and other materials across your venue. That’s it; you’re done. Moreover, you can also crack out the background-themed music on your speakers to give you an immersive experience.

Nonetheless, once you’re done with the game, pack up the items into a neat box and keep it properly so that you don’t have to reprint the materials the next time you want to enjoy the game.

What Does an Escape Room Kit Contain?

Escape room kits come with all sorts of different items, so it’s best to choose the kit that’s right for your group. Some of the items you might find in an escape room kit include:

  • Puzzles
  • Clues
  • Props
  • Posters
  • Timer

The kit also includes a set of instructions that will help you create your desired escape room game from scratch.

Where Can I Use an Escape Room Kit?

Escape room kits are perfect for occasions when you want to have an escape room experience but don’t have the time or resources to visit the nearest escape room location. These occasions can include various functions such as:

  • Birthday parties
  • Get-togethers
  • Hangout spots
  • Bar mitzvahs
  • Family retreats
  • Summer camps

Essentially anywhere and any function that calls for an escape room experience. Escape room kits are also great for groups who want to play their own escape game together but are limited by the absence of an escape room around them.

An escape room kit is a great way to have fun with your family or entertain friends. It’s the perfect solution to boring evenings, dry conversations, and awkward silences with friends and family.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and challenging activity that will surely get the whole group involved, then an escape room kit is the perfect choice for you. View the Escape Room Kit available for different games at lockpapersciccors.co.

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