Markers 101: Different Types of Marker Tips — Marvy Uchida

You might not think about the size of your pen tip when you pick up a pen to write a note, sign receipts, or draw a picture of your partner. It does, we are sure! There are many types of pen tips. The tip’s amount is important as the script written by 1.0 mm vs 0.7 mm pen is never identical.

The tip size refers to the width of the line produced by the tip when it is rolled across the paper. It can make the difference between a “one-and-done” writing experience and one that leaves you thinking, “Is it worth keeping this pen?” If you want the pen to be used to promote your brand, or to celebrate an event, you should aim to build a relationship with the people you are trying to reach.

With this in mind, let’s discuss the best pen tip users and the primary categories.

Smaller Pen Tip Size

Pen tips that have a smaller diameter can be referred to as extra fine or fine. Attention to the size of your pen tip

  • In miniature font
  • Writing on porous paper (or paper that absorbs ink more easily) is a good idea.
  • Detailing such details as those found in diagrams, drawings, and coloring books are included.
  • The use or combination of written symbols, mainly Chinese characters. These may be called hanzi (in Chinese), janji (in Japanese), or hanja (in Korean).

Note the various types of pen tips and their correspondence to Chinese characters. Some symbols can be very complex, so you will need a pen that has a fine or extra-fine tip to draw them accurately. It takes 33 strokes to create one of the most complex kanji characters. The meaning, “rough,” reflects how difficult it is.

Fine Tip, Gel

Soft Touch Accent GelebrationTM gel pen with colored stylus is made from a gunmetal barrel, a brightly-colored stylus, and a colored barrel. This pen is eye-catching and features black gel ink with a fine tip that provides a smooth writing experience.

Fine Tip Rollerball

Deluxe Madison Pen: This rollerball pen with a fine tip is elegant thanks to the smooth rollerball ink and gold trim.

Medium Pen Tip Size

A medium-sized ballpoint pen will produce lines with a width between 1.0mm and 1.2mm. A gel pen or rollerball ink pen will produce lines with a narrower width. A medium tip is best if the writing you want falls within one of these categories.

  • Medium to large handwriting
  • No fine detail necessary
  • Use a writing system that is based on the alphabet, such as a Romance or Germanic language.

The best pen for the promotion of your brand to a diverse demographic audience is one that has a tip that fits the needs of the majority of users. These are some of the most sought-after choices in the medium tip category.

The medium-tipped retractable stylus pen is distinguished by its rubber finish, diamond-textured grip, and unique design details.

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