Sometimes, you just don’t get what you deserve. This is a common enough occurrence in life, but one area that it is more frequently seen in is the workplace.

With the exception of only a precious few, many employees would have worked at an establishment for a couple of years, acquired the necessary skills, experience and resources required for them to move to the next level only for them to be passed over for someone who doesn’t have nearly as much to offer as they do.

In many ways, you can say that the workplace atmosphere repeatedly destroys the myth of meritocracy. That being said, is there a progressive way forward? How do you set yourself up to avoid falling victim to such a vicious cycle?

Preparation is quintessential in these matters, and that is one reason an executive life coach is indispensable to your progress in the corporate world. Before delving deeper in to that, here are some tips you could employ to help you secure that richly deserved promotion.

Publicize Yourself

Granted, this sounds very much like tooting your own horn. However, keep in mind that you can’t expect everyone to know all your accomplishments. You might assume they know while in reality, they had no clue.

So while you need to implement this tip with a measure of skill and caution, it still needs to be done. Don’t sit in a corner and wait for someone to recognize the value of the resource you have worked so hard to accrue. If you do, you’ll only continue to be overlooked in favor of seemingly more competent individuals.

Understand and Work With the System

Every workplace has its own dynamic, or politics, if you will. It is only natural for you to want to shy away from this, especially if you aren’t very familiar with the formalities.

However, in many workplaces, politics is a huge part of rising higher up the ranks. As such, before jumping right in, be sure you take the time to understand the dos and don’ts of the system. That way, you have a better grasp of what you’ll be dealing with and how you’ll manage.

Get an Executive Life Coach

This is one of the fastest means of securing that new office you’ve been eyeing. With a good executive coach in your corner, you have an objective soundboard you can bounce your ideas off, you have the vast experience of your coach at your disposal and most importantly, you can develop strategies more attuned to you to help you seal the deal!

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