It is essential to understand that online marketing is highly challenging nowadays, especially if you have in mind that almost every single business wants to improve its visibility and reach more people than before.

Since competition is fierce, sometimes it is challenging to do it by yourself, which is why you should find a professional agency that will help you along the way.

Remember that Facebook Messenger is one of the best channels that will provide your ability to improve business, especially in upcoming years.

Therefore, if you wish to stay ahead of others, you should move from email marketing to messenger apps so that you can communicate with people in real-time.

The world of communication is continually changing, which is why you have to implement the latest ways that are efficient for reaching people.

If you remember the ways people communicated a few decades ago, the perspective shifted from phone calls and emails towards SMS, and finally, it reached the point where messenger apps are the best approach you can use.

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It is much better to communicate by using instantaneous and convenient way to do it, and since more people are using smartphones than personal computers and laptops, the communication has to be related to new perspectives.

The best solution for your particular needs is messenger apps because they are intuitive and fast, and you will get quick responses in real-time. That is the main reason why people use them and why their popularity reached terrific numbers.

What Is Messenger Marketing?

Every single form of marketing shares the same idea, and that is to promote the business by using promotional features of a specific platform.

Facebook Messenger for these reasons because you can easily attract new leads and nurture the existing customers by answering their questions and sending them content that will help you maintain the relationship.

In general, this particular approach is similar to email marketing, mainly because customers can ask questions and get new information that will help them decide the service or product from your site.

However, the practice states that a Messenger Marketing works differently because it is more conversational, and customers can get 1-1 information, which is not something mail can deal with.

When compared with email marketing, where click-through rates are dropping due to an overwhelming number of emails people get daily, businesses are turning to messenger marketing as a more efficient approach than before.

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Reasons Why Messenger Marketing Is Efficient

1. High Engagement

According to statistics, average email open rates can reach up to 18%, while click-through rates go up to 2%. On the other hand, messenger marketing features open rates up to 80% and more, while click-through rates can reach more than 30%, which means that it is an efficient tool.

Therefore, we can easily say that people are more likely to click and open on a message from this particular app than emails in general. That is an essential consideration when choosing the right approach for reaching more people than before.

2. Less Friction than Email

Messenger apps will provide your potential customers with a more significant user experience without any additional problem.

If we compare that friction with emails, you should know that every single time you open inbox looking for new emails; you will see hundreds of messages from numerous sites and sources where you left your credentials.

Seeing these emails is highly overwhelming, especially since some providers such as Gmail will divide promotional from personal inboxes, which is why people will not even check the promotions with the same efficiency as before.

At the same time, the popularity of email brought us to a point in which we can get numerous viruses and spams through it, and because of that, we tend to remove them without even looking at what is inside.

Therefore, the trust factor is minimal when it comes to this particular approach, and it continues to decline, which will open the door to a new perspective, such as messenger marketing.

If you consider how much time you need to open and read every single email you get, the time-consuming can be significant. We live in a world in which every single second count, which is why it is essential to find an efficient way to improve your customer service.

3. Not All Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

Reading non-responsive emails from your smartphone can be highly painful and problematic, and some companies do not think about this particular approach. You enter inside and notice small text or an overly large one, which means that you have to scroll to read the entire one.

That is not the case with messaging apps because they are familiar and safe places that are specially made for mobile users. Since these messages are shorter than emails, the engagement is higher and it is a much better choice than other forms that we have mentioned above.

By now, you understand that email marketing is becoming obsolete, while SMS promotions have never been efficient as other, internet-based promotional ways.

Understand that if you are subscribed to an SMS list, you will not be able to get plenty of text, images, and other content that may prove more efficient than plain text.

At the same time, it is impossible to hyperlink keywords that will allow people to reach a specific website. Finally, you will not be able to create appealing and customized calls-to-action and buttons that will urge people to become your customers.

4. Messenger Is More Personal

Another important consideration when it comes to messaging apps is the idea that you will be able to create more interactive and personal advertising, which was not the case with other forms.

For instance, traditional advertising channels such as direct mail, TV, print, email, radio, billboards, and many more are one-way communication. Through it, you can communicate with others, but you will not be able to take it to the next level by personalizing it.

By implementing chatbots within your marketing approach, you will be able to customize communication-based on the message flow and what customer wants to get. That is a more efficient way than old forms that are becoming obsolete.

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