Most of the students dislike to write essays in college. Of course, the primary reason is the difficulty level of the job. Writing an essay is not like structuring a message on your smartphone. You have to understand the topic first, gather all possible relevant information, form a structure of the writing to incorporate each point in the flow, and then review it for mistakes. The elaborate task is challenging and time-consuming. So most of you would prefer to pay a certain amount to the professional essay writers to do the job on your behalf.

Feeling uncomfortable

You may not like the idea of writing an essay just because you have no interest in the preparatory work. Especially when the topic is a technical one or regarding some serious issue, you do not feel like collecting information about it. You can hardly write a proper essay with the feeling of discomfort as things won’t take the right form in your head. On gathering information, you won’t be able to weave each piece of information into a single structure. That is why many students confess that i hate writing essay because you cannot understand where to begin from and where to end.

Weak grammar

You can be weak in your grammar or the spellings, but that is all right if you are eager to write. Often, the mistakes make you more conscious, and you lose self-confidence, if you start to believe that you are poor quality of the writer, then you can never reach the heights. To boost your confidence level, you can hire professional writers to see how they form an essay. Only after monitoring for a long time can you determine your mistakes and how you can improve your style of writing.

No connection to the topic

When your professor gives you a complicated technical topic to write an essay, you will feel utter frustration. If you don’t like the topic, you will never feel like writing a word about it. Handing over the assignment to the paid writer will be the ideal option. But as you will see, a little research online provides you with relevant information about any topic. So you don’t have to worry regarding how to gather the information. The only tension is about the structure of the essay. If your conclusion and introduction are not satisfactory, the professor won’t mind giving you a poor grade.

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