There are many reasons why do you need to advance your current healthcare benefits. Sure, your medical needs change from time to time, and if you are only using the usual health plan, you may not be able to get everything you need from it. 


This plan provides financial assistance for hospital bills, prescription drugs or anything else included on the Medicare Advantage plans for 2022 you choose to enrol yourself. 


You might be asking right now, why there are still a lot of people who opt not to get a Medicare Advantage plan considering the many benefits they could get from it. 


There are actually many reasons people use an excuse to avoid them from getting a plan, and to name a few of these excuses, read this article. 


Why Not Everyone Is Convinced About Getting A Plan


Yes, a healthcare plan is needed but why not all of them consider it? Here are some of the reasons why not everyone is convinced that they need a plan:


  • Paying premiums


Yes, you have to continuously pay the premium even if you are not using it. Some think that it is a complete waste of money especially if in the past few years, they are only paying premiums but not using it even for prescription medicine. 


True that it may seem a waste of money, but thinking that you were not able to use it because you are healthy for the past few years, and this saves you from worrying that “what if you get sick?” is more than enough for you to continuously invest in it. 


Do not think that money is wasted because you did not even use it for the past years, think about the benefits this can provide in the event that you need it.  


  • Limited facilities, hospitals, doctors, laboratories, etc


Yes, Medicare Advantage plans offer limited facilities, hospitals, doctors, laboratories, etc. but even if it is limited, there is still a lot to choose from and besides, they have the best doctors, hospitals, etc., affiliated with them. 


You never know, the doctor that can provide the best treatment for your condition is a actually affiliated with the Medicare Advantage plan you are planning to get. 


  • It may not be enough


Yes, there are instances when the plan is not enough to cover all your medical expenses, but needless to say, it is still better than being treated completely empty handed. To avoid this from happening, you have to make sure that the plan you will get suites what you need it for. There are many plans and each of it has different inclusions and exclusions. 


  • They are not aware of it


Yes, some do not have it because they are not aware of it. They are clueless that these plans exist so obviously, they did not get the chance of applying for on. Awareness is sometimes what one needs to get a healthcare plan. 

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