Getting an Amazon business off the ground is one of the most challenging things to do especially if you’re new to the marketplace. There seems to be so much going on and only sellers who are well-equipped for the journey can make a headway. As a result, sellers have opted for Amazon software to automate crucial business processes and improve conversions. 

A Google search will bring up suggestions of the most popular software, new and existing. Zonbase, Jungle Scout, and Helium10 are some of the software tools that top the list. And as sellers look through their options, the inevitable question on their mind is, “will it deliver the results it promises?”. 

When choosing software, ads or website claims should be taken with a pinch of salt. But, sometimes, reviews from real people who have tried them out can serve as an anchor. As such, sellers often look out for online software reviews so that they can make an informed decision. However, most software reviews focus on the good sides of these tools, and only a few talk about the drawbacks. 

If you have been on the journey to discovering great software for your business, you must have come across ZonBase. Chances are that you stumbled on this post while searching for a ZonBase review to help you decide whether the software is a good fit for your business or not. If this is the case, we’ve got you covered. In this ZonBase review, we will consider the features, pros, and cons of the software to help guide your decisions. But first, what is ZonBase?

What is ZonBase?

ZonBase is a relatively new Amazon software that is fast gaining credibility and popularity among sellers, particularly very successful ones. The software offers a holistic set of tools that encompasses all seller needs and enables sellers to execute and manage complex business processes in one place.

It’s a great tool for sellers who want a single tool to manage product research, keyword research, listing optimization, and automate PPC campaigns. Like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, and the likes, ZonBase offers tools for product research, keyword research, and listing optimization. But what stands it out from others and has made thousands of sellers swear by the efficacy of its tools?

What Makes ZonBase Different?

  • 14 Amazon seller tools

ZonBase reviews often focus on just one or two of these tools. But there are 14 versatile tools inside the software that are designed to work together and independently. Apart from research and listing optimization tools, the software also offers a sales estimator and a photo enhancer tool. Also, the software recently launched a profits tool that allows you to accurately estimate the profits from your business.

  • Mentorship

Compared to other software, ZonBase seems to care a lot about beginners. Recently, the ZonBase pro feature was launched in a bid to offer one-on-one mentorship to new and existing sellers. This is a huge plus for sellers who are struggling to navigate the marketplace and it’s a unique feature in our opinion.

  • Free Training Call

An extensive suite of 13+ tools and a mentorship package has put ZonBase in a class of its own. Throw in a free product research call and you have a beginner’s perfect tool for success on Amazon. The software offers a free call where prospective users get to speak with product research experts. These experts will in turn provide a walkthrough of the process involved in finding a winning product.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent combination of tools: ZonBase offers an extensive suite of product research, keyword research, listing optimization, and PPC Automation tools. In addition to this, you also have access to a sales estimator and photo enhancer tool. All the tools you need to scale your business in one place.

  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface: You won’t have to struggle to find your way around the interface. Also, the tools are quite easy to use. But if you do get stuck trying to navigate any of the tools, there are easily accessible how-to videos that explain each tool and make the software easy to use.

  • Flexible and affordable plans: Zonbase offers two paid plans and sellers can choose whichever suits their needs. It also offers a 7-day free trial for sellers who want to explore the features available. Keep reading to learn more about ZonBase plans.

  • More time: ZonBase offers done-for-you packages that help free up time so you can focus on other aspects of your business. For instance, you can outsource your listing optimization to a team of experts who will take on the entire process from scratch to finish.


  • You may incur extra costs on some features. Most times, you won’t have to pay any additional fees. But if you choose to opt for the done-for-you services, you may incur some extra costs. For instance, the Listing optimizer feature gives you access to done-for-you services but you’ll have to pay more for that.


Is ZonBase worth your investment? Based on the pros and cons listed above, we would say yes. 

The software offers two paid plans: The standard plan at $37/month, and the Legendary plan at $67/month. Both plans offer value for money, but which should you go for? The standard plan offers limited access to all the tools except the chrome extension. So, if you want access to the full suite of tools, the Legendary plan is best for you. 

There are just two plans available, so you will have to pay some additional fees to access the mentorship plan and done-for-you packages. Unlike other tools, ZonBase offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee and a 7-day free trial, giving you enough time to explore its features. 

It’s okay to be skeptical about trying new software especially when it’s paid. Still, if pricing is a major decisive factor for you, then ZonBase is your go-to.

ZonBase Review: Is it worth it? What do other sellers think?

ZonBase is the best Amazon software for sellers who are on a budget but still want an extensive set of tools. The software offers premium value for money and is certainly worth your investment. You get access to a wide range of features and an extended daily limit for each feature on the standard plan. 

But of course, our ZonBase review should not be the only thing that informs your decision. Feel free to check out other ZonBase review posts. 

Here’s what other sellers have to say about ZonBase:

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