Views Retention is one of the essential aspects on YouTube because views are helpful for people to find and click on your videos. Audience retention refers that how many viewers are watching videos and are they getting beneficial information or not. There are some steps in which we describe the way of getting the good views.

Part 1: Plan your video 

Before making the video on YouTube, you have to plan that what you want to produce. After that, create a section of the video. Think about the messaging you want to portray and plan about your video and what you want to include. A planned video means a properly done, organized video, which will result in longer watch time and retention.

Write your script 

According to the video planning, write your video script and then try to use relatable language. Moreover, no need to use too many technical terms if your video is a more extensive guide. On the other hand, if you are making videos in-depth, include the specific term to build trust with your viewers. Additionally, do not create a long script if the content is short because it seems too complicated, and viewers face some difficulty.  

Generate a shortlist


Creating a shortlist encourages you to that think about the details, such as camera placement, direction. It is essential to ensure that you have done your script. It would help if you had to consider all the things that help give direction to your production, like the camera setup, dialogue, and actions for each scene of recruitment.

Organize your scene

Animated, live-action, and real-time videos are animated. Therefore, you need to know about the props when you are making your videos on YouTube. These things are important to answer as they will help to make the videos more professional. Furthermore, invest in adding in the background of the videos and then looking at the top quality of the videos. Organization and quality are related to watch time.

Prepare yourself

If you are starting the video, it is essential to practice and prepare for the real things. So when you are making a YouTube video, all the things will practice that could go wrong when shooting. If you are ready and you know what to say, it will be easy to make a smooth video that viewers will watch fully.

Part 2: Optimize the videos to target the right audience

You can upload your videos with names, tags, titles, and other descriptions regarding the video for audiences on the YouTube platform. These kinds of things are helpful to find your videos by the audiences. However, if you want to make other videos on a specific topic, you have to generate a playlist and add it. Adding captions and cards to your video is helpful too. This is important because the more you target the right audience, the longer the retention will be.

 Edit your video

If you want to edit your video, you can start to edit your small mistakes or elements that do not fit. It is necessary to fit the meaningful line for overall videos. After a few tasks, each video has a scene because it is mediatory to interact with the viewers. A error-free video with good editing, will retain visitors longer.

Part 3: Exta tips


Now, I want to share with two extra tip to get more retention.

Buy High Retention Views


An easy and effective way to increase the retention of your videos, is to purchase high retention views. That being said, this can be tricky since many people claim to sell high retention but then, your analytics show terrible watch time. I personally suggest you lenostube high retention, which always give me at least 7-8 minutes of watch time.

Go live

When you have enough experience, you can go live and directly talk to your audiences. First, of course, you have to answer audiences’ questions and give them a good viewing experience, to make sure they watch as much as possible.




What is the easiest approach to get more YouTube views?


Generate the right content

If your videos are not good, it does not matter how many ads and hacks are used. Therefore, you have to create the content compelling because it gives more YouTube views. The simple way is to create the how-to video. And it identifies simply that what your customer wants to know and then generates the videos according to the needs of the consumers.

Encouraging viewers to subscribe

In this term, retaining customers can be an effective way to grow up the business. It is one of the best ways to get more YouTube views. Your current viewers are encouraged by YouTube, and this thing is helpful to gaining subscriptions. With the help of this, the views increase significantly on each video that you release.

Add watermark on the videos.

 Watermark helps to gain more YouTube views and subscribers, and it is also valuable for promoting your channels across all of your videos that exist on YouTube. A watermark is an image that can be set up on the videos like the brands’ logo is used. After that, you need to verify your YouTube account that can upload a watermark. It is also worth pointing that you can choose and cannot select which display watermarks and which do not. So, either they appear on videos or not.