Any flaw can be worked out and turned into a virtue. Critical thinking will help you understand how you can use your personal qualities. You are too scrupulous and slow, there are many areas of activity where this is a key skill. Do not be afraid to change yourself, lifestyle, work, hobbies. With the Coach Stockholm you can choose the best roads for self development.

Action plan

Having defined your desires, strengths and weaknesses, draw up a clear plan. What exactly needs to be done and how long it will take. Break the path into small sections, it will be easier to move forward.

Trainings, video lessons, psychotherapy sessions will come to your aid. Find out more about successful people.

  • Active actions
  • When you have a complete understanding of the goal and methods for achieving it, do not put the matter in the long run. Active action is the key to success.
  • Learn more materials on a topic of interest, communicate with like-minded people, translate your plan into reality.
  • Without practical actions, knowledge will not be useful. Do not pay attention to people who dissuade you or doubt your success. If criticism from the environment interferes, try to change the circle of communication.
  • Avoid envious, constantly complaining, evil people. They will seek to “pull” you back. Communicate with those who have already achieved what you have desired or advanced on this path further. Charge positive.

Expert advice: the path to self-development

Most of the tips related to personal growth come down to a new organization of personal time, space and attitude to oneself and the world. They can be reduced to the following universal scheme.

Normalization of sleep

The quality of sleep is the key to energy and desire to live. To feel comfortable, an adult needs 6–9 hours. It is important to go to bed earlier, since the most productive rest falls on the period from 22.00 to 2.00 at night. Healthy sleep is very important, because well-being and the presence of strength directly depend on it.

Allocation of time for personal interests

Coaches are advised to set aside an hour of morning time for themselves. He does not need to spend on cooking breakfast, shower. Spend this hour thinking about the upcoming day or doing yoga, morning jogging to your favorite music, reading an interesting book – activities that are fun.

Positive thinking

Do not go in cycles in the negative, do not chew gum of bad memories, anger, resentment of envy. You have a right to these feelings. They are natural, but they must be forgotten, transformed. From any unpleasant situation you need to draw conclusions and leave it in the past. It takes 21 days to develop new thinking. So much habit is formed. Psychologists advise wearing a stationery gum and a bracelet on your wrist. When you start to “hang” on negative emotions, gently click on them yourself. Start a new report 21 days without anger. For convenience, you can set small goals for three days, a week.

Smile. Smile at the reflection, the person you are talking to, the people around you. This increases the level of endorphins in the blood, facilitates communication.

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