You may have wondered if it pays to deploy a CRM system in your company. What will be the real advantage? Is it worth a CRM system for small businesses and small businesses?

The Relationship is the big differential that small companies have over large ones. It’s the letter in the sleeve. Good service and personalization are determining factors when the customer will close a deal. Well, that you already confirmed, but what about the technological application? Let’s talk a little bit about her.

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Have you thought about the number of times you remembered a certain company when you wanted to buy something because it was well attended? And that’s where the small ones stand out. And that’s the importance of free crm systems for them.

Check out this presentation created by the team that shows the advantages of crm system for small businesses that want to double their sales:

How CRM Can Double Your Sales Results from Scheduler

What is CRM and what is it for?

To understand the importance of CRM for small businesses, you first need to know exactly what CRM is and what it is for.

Expert consultants emphasize the importance of knowing their clients’ habits well, treating them in a personalized way and presenting products or services that are of interest to them. Technology seeks to bring the distinctive, dynamic, day-to-day personal care closer to the life of an entrepreneur today.

First of all, it is good to keep in mind that CRM is a strategy rather than simply software. The grocery store owner analogy is widely used by CRM consultants to exemplify the idea.

CRM applied since ancient times

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the name of the strategy that puts the customer as the focus of business processes.

Customer Relationship Management (translation of the term CRM into Portuguese) has been applied for a long time, at a time when the grocery store owner of several years ago knew all his customers well.

He had written in a notebook, all the important information about his customers, such as where they lived, the birthdays, the products they liked the most, how often they visited the store, the best customers, etc. This practice made them loyal to the store.

Best Free Small Business CRM

What many are unaware of small business free crm system is that many of them offer a free plan.So if you already understand the importance of CRM for your business and want to test one, you can do it free of charge until you better understand what CRM is and what it is for. That is: using the system in your business, testing all of its functionality, and thus truly discovering the advantages of CRM, how it works, and whether a small business CRM is worth it.

Data is centralized in one place, preventing the loss of contacts that can occur using spreadsheets.The problem was that every weekend they had to organize everything again.

The possibilities go beyond that: Stored information can give you a broad view of your contacts, pointing out which ones are most interesting, what is the best business opportunity for the selling effort, those who are always giving your ideas on how to improve your products.

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