Car insurance policy protects the drivers financially during road accidents. It does not matter if you desire full car coverage or basic liability insurance, it is essential you acquire the best possible deal. Instead of choosing a less powerful vehicle, you can use other strategies to lower the insurance cost. 

Use comparison site

Never fall into the trap of advertisements that claim to acquire discounted rates on auto insurance policies. You can end up purchasing the wrong policy that undervalues your vehicle. It will hit hard when a reimbursement claim is made. Therefore compare policies online and save significantly.

Money Expert has made it easy to find cheap car insurance deals. It is a comparing site that 94% of users recommend because the platform claims to help save approximately £262 on auto insurance policy. 

Add another driver 

Adding a partner or spouse to the same policy helps to gain discounts up to 20%, so is worth looking for. Adding an experienced driver will be favored. Driver’s sharing a vehicle is regarded as less risk, thus premiums are kept down. Ensure that your name is added as the main driver even if you are young. If you add an experienced driver’s name as the main driver then it is illegal. You can get strictly penalized through ‘fronting’ tactics. 

Job title 

The job title is also factored in determining your risk level. A small tweak can make a significant difference. For example, a cafe worker is a better job title than a kitchen worker. A law clerk pays more than a legal secretary. Remember the stated occupation has to accurately define your profession or else your policy will turn invalid and illegal. 

Install security devices

Install anti-theft devices to decrease your insurance cost by a maximum of 25%. A safe car is equivalent to fewer claims and ultimately indicates no claims bonus. Thus you can acquire a cheap car insurance premium. 

Take a defensive driving course

Drivers can decrease their penalty points on driving licenses by adding a defensive driving course certification. Sign up for an accredited course to reduce the insurance price by 30 to 35%.

Increase deductibles

A deductible is the money amount you will pay before insurance picks the tab during theft, accident, or other vehicle damage. The deductibles can range from £300 to £900. The hook here is lower deductibles mean high annual premium and vice versa. The annual premium will be down by a few percentages with an increase in the deductibles. 

If you are unwilling to file for small claims because this increases the risk of a high premium then increasing deductible is a sensible move on your part. 

Enhance credit rating

Many insurance providers use credit-based ratings. It reveals to the insurer, whether you are responsible in your personal life or not. If your credit score is good then you are responsible and the possibility to file claims decreases. 

Review coverage types

Dropping certain coverage types can be wrong because no one can forecast when and how an accident will happen. If you drive a very old car then it is sensible to drop comprehensive or collision coverage. It is because if a car is involved in a collision the insurer will likely total the automobile. The car value is just £1,000 and accident coverage costs £499 annually then it is not logical to buy comprehensive coverage. 

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