The lead generation is the pillar of the business development of the company. Designating all communication and marketing techniques, it consists of attracting Internet users in order to convert them into customers.

Lead generation goes through several stages. Whether in BtoB or BtoC, it is essential to deploy a successful strategy to find prospects and transform them into customers.

During his purchasing journey, the lead travels through the conversion tunnel, which is divided into several stages. The terms MQL and SQL are stages that the prospect goes through before becoming a potential customer of your business. Learn about the differences between these two stages and how to switch between stages. This is the option with mql vs sql now.

What is an MQL?

Acquiring customers is a tough task that requires a significant investment. However, any company must increase its customer base in order to be able to develop and increase its turnover.

Since the advent of digital, companies are increasingly adopting lead generation to generate sales through their website. However, not all sales opportunities look the same. And not all leads are created equal.

As the name suggests, the Marketing Qualified Lead is a marketing qualified lead. This category includes any prospect who has carried out a first action with the company. For example, the user has downloaded your white paper, subscribed to your newsletters or filled out a form. Note that the term MQL does not include people who have simply visited your website.

Two scenarios can arise. You know the people contacted well, and they meet the specific criteria of your target audience. So there is a good chance that they are interested in your services.

In other words, the MQL is someone who matches your target audience and has demonstrated an interest in your business, products or services. She may also have contacted your customer service, even if it’s just to inquire.

What is SQL?

The SQL or “Sales Qualified Lead” is a lead that the sales team considers qualified. She considers that she has obtained enough information to start the canvassing. The marketing team has already done some upstream work. We can therefore say that an SQL is an MQL that has reached a certain level of maturity. It is possible that a lead does not go through the MQL stage but is directly an SQL. The contact was established from the start by the sales team without going through the marketers.

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