With fake news flying around on the internet, it has become imperative to identify them. Considering the disadvantages of spreading fake news, you need to do some research before you share any information on the internet.

Also, although there are various strategies for differentiating fake news from factual ones, very few are reliable. To avoid spreading fake news, take a look at these strategies outlined here:

Verify Source

Unfortunately, a lot of people find it difficult to verify news before circulating it. This aspect is important if you are a reporter. Also, you need to take a look at the domain of the source. Most legit sites use, .edu, .gov, .com or .org. Meanwhile, some fake news website sites use a domain like .com.co or even .info to treat their audience.

Also, investigating the website homepage and checking their identity will be helpful. Furthermore, find out whether the site is a satire before sharing their stories.

Search Other Sources

Assuming you find a story from one source on the internet, check if other reputable websites published the same story. Read the various versions and find out if it is similar to the source.

If the news or information is not true, you will discover that other sources will either not report it or it will be reported differently. So always check more than 3 trusted sources to verify news before you share or publish.


Let’s say you are still not such that the news is factual, you can do an investigation. Also, you can start by taking a look at the date of the publication. Most times, fake news is old news that is published to appear new and relevant.

Assuming the story is about a celeb, take a look at the image used in the publication. If it appears from years back without the article making reference to the celebs past life, then it could be fake news.

Visit fact-checking Sites

Numerous websites have dedicated their time to fact-checking on the internet. You can visit a few to verify the source of the data. Not to mention, you don’t need to pay to verify or check a fact on these websites. Most are completely free of charge.

Stay Away If Not Convinced

If you can’t verify the news or story independently, then stay away from it. Also, if the news or article makes a grandiose claim, then stay clear. Don’t be gullible to spread any news that you can cross-check independently. Besides, it could get you into trouble.

Wrapping Up

Fake news has caused a lot of problems for society. The access to the internet by millions of people across the globe has also increased the spread of fake news. Don’t be one of those that spread fake news. Use these strategies outlined here to verify the veracity of the news you intend to share or report. Go to Foreign News to get verifiable and accurate news.

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