1) DISCIPLINE: We all know what it means to have discipline in all different aspects of life but when you work from home you can find yourself easily distracted with household things and family. You must stay focused and set your daily schedule to stay on track. It is made much easier if you set rules and hours to not be disturbed in your home office so you may put out your best work and feel good about your daily successes. Also, you might have a bad day here and there and that makes it easy to get into the mindset of negativity but you must have reminders and inspiration close so you may also use discipline to control your thoughts because the subconscious controls over 90% of you. You put those thoughts in so your body may react. You know what to do.

2) PERSISTENCE: As an entrepreneur persistence is crucial. You must motivate yourself daily to get to where you want to be in life and business. You must consistently educate yourself to ensure growth as well because if you don’t grow you will end up in the same place over and over again. Also, technology changes so fast that if you are not persistent in what you do you will fall behind quickly and your competition will reap the benefits. Using your discipline to be persistent puts you ahead of the rest if you are acting on the education of your tools and resources.

3) PATIENCE: I am not going to lie. This has been the absolute hardest one for me without a doubt and not just in business but throughout my whole life, just ask my husband and kids. When depending on only yourself to show results in your business, you must be patient and meditate daily on your dreams and goals so you do not let what you are working towards slip out of your sight. Do not get caught up in focusing only on numbers. This will make you crazy and of course, discourage you if you are like me and not one of the lucky ones who got rapid results within their first week or two. As long as you keep working on inspiration, mindset tools, and educating yourself on tools and resources for entrepreneurs and keep your patience then you will succeed. Make sure you do celebrate your small daily successes to keep you motivated, knowing you are one step closer to where you want to be.

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