Quite often when we are starting out in business, we need to have a clear picture of what exactly constitutes a successful entrepreneur. I know that I did. This is why I would like to profile someone who I feel exemplifies all of the traits I believe are necessary for someone to succeed in an online business. Hopefully, this will inspire you to find your own models, and give you a starting place for developing your own system of success. I’d like to focus on four main areas in which I feel Lena Bjorna is really good and how they may be right for you to use too!

Engagement with You

You get a sense as soon as you step onto one of Lena’s Web properties that she is attempting to connect with you. There are numerous teaching articles, each delivering illustrations from her own life and business that not only help you get to know her but engage with you, trying to be of service to you. While the comments may be turned off on her blog, there are several other ways to engage her directly, all accessible right from the page. The point is, she is making herself available to you and indicating a desire to help you.


One of the primary feelings you get when reading her material is that she is the genuine article. She gives you real-world examples of marketing and life issues fought out in the trenches and shows you step by step how to do these. So many marketers opt for the hype-filled approach to marketing, usually because they don’t know anything else, and it’s easy to copy that method. The problem is that any benefits are short-lived, and once you are seen in that light it is difficult to recover your reputation.

Honesty and Integrity

Lena’s honesty and integrity show through in everything she writes and blogs about. It is clear this is a life value for her, and this is how she presents herself to the world. This would be a great plan for anyone. Does the world really need another me-too marketer, parroting the same smoke and mirrors that have gone before? How much of a following do you think you can build using methods like that?

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