There are several studies to prove how happy employees tend to be more productive with their work. And higher productivity is correlated with your business’ overall performance. This is why as a superior or a company executive, you should pay special attention to your employees’ attitudes towards their work.

This can be done by providing incentives, by holding team building activities, or by offering catering services and treating your employees to lunch. This blog will give you 13 simple ways you can do to keep your workers happy and productive.

Provide workplace wellness services. Free gym access? Yoga Fridays? Why not? This is a great way to enhance one’s work-life balance. Also, being healthy means your workers will have the energy and the right mindset to carry out their tasks.

Offer free food. This is one perk that any employee of your company can brag about. Plus, studies say that offering free catering services can help boost morale and promote camaraderie.

Greet your team. Small acts of appreciation matters, especially in a hectic workplace. If you take your time to say a simple “hi,” it can make your employees feel that you notice and appreciate their presence.

Hold team-building activities. Occasionally, take your team to an environment far from the workplace. This much-needed break can be filled with team-building games that shouldn’t necessarily be related to work.

Cascade goals clearly. One thing employees want is a defined set of goals. They want to know where the company is headed, and what needs to be done to reach a certain milestone.

Show your employees you trust them. Another way to boost your employees’ confidence is to let them do their work on their own. Help them shine and hone their skills.

Avoid micromanaging. Speaking of trusting your employees, micromanaging is one of the major mistakes higher-ups make, so you need to refrain from doing this. There is a big difference when it comes to guiding them and aligning them with your overall goals with meticulously scrutinizing their every work.

Celebrate small wins. When your workers accomplish a certain thing, saying a simple “great job” can actually do the trick. Give them proper recognition so they may be motivated to do even better next time.

Provide zero-cost incentives. You can also couple your appreciation by providing perks that wouldn’t be that expensive. Offering free lunch from your office catering services is one option. Letting them dress casually on certain days is another. Or giving gift cheques from one of your company’s sponsors.

Allow flexibility in the workplace. Especially during emergencies, be considerate of your employees’ life outside the confines of the office. This will help them increase their job satisfaction.

Keep in mind that the evaluation should be mutual. When you’re doing evaluations, make it a two-way process. Evaluate them and let them evaluate their higher-ups. This will provide proper check and balance, and enhance overall performance.

Give feedback respectfully. Consider relaying your feedback as an opportune time to mentor — and not reprimand or show off.

Be consistent. The most important of all, be consistent in doing these things. This is key if you want to get long-term results and long-term benefits. Your employees would not only be happy with their work but also loyal to the company.

Great food goes a long way when it comes to boosting team morale and productivity. For office catering services, contact us today at Saint Germain Catering.

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